I am a being of worthiness… willing & ready to receive.

Want to feel your day rise in natural receiving abundance? Speak this mantra to start your day… I am a being of worthiness… {pause - breath it in - deep breath} willing and ready to receive.

So much can be convoluted around worthiness when in fact worthiness is natural. Worthiness to thrive, be alive, receive life’s natural abundance is not a game that has to be played to earn. It is the natural starting point that never leaves.

Return deeper into your being of worthiness. Remember your being of worthiness. Use your willingness to receive from the original knowing you are a being of worthiness.

Allow your day to gift you in your worthiness. What if today all you did was practice to live in your being of worthiness… willing and ready to receive…?

I believe something miraculous will happen…

Ready to be open for it?

You are worth it.

Settle into all your worthiness. 

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