July Manifesting New Moon RitualSuper-charge your desired manifestations! New Moon ~ Saturday, July 26th. Bring to light your hopes and dreams. Do you feel the pull right now? It’s a pull that stirs the heart, thoughts, desires and aspirations in areas that want change, impact and emergence into our lives? It is a common pattern these areas will stir more than usual around the time of the full/new moon alignment. Around the new moon we may feel it in a range of ways as agitation, restlessness, overwhelm, excitement or even elation. It’s the glowing light of the something inside us that wants to be brought out into our lives.

Nature moves on rhythm and cycles. We optimize our capacities in co-creating in our world as we align with the natural of rhythms and cycles around us. Farmers understand this simple practice following the moon’s cycles when planting seeds to harvest more fully their desired results. We are connected to our world and we can synchronize with the natural effect these cycles bring to boost our manifestations. As we become aware of this natural cycle, we will feel this stirring and pulling that the moon impacts on our sense of being.

The common saying “when the stars align” isn’t a random idea. Isn’t that a great way to live? In alignment “where the stars align” in our personal worlds and miraculous possibilities emerge out in our lives.

The Manifesting New Moon Ritual gives us a way with actionable intention and prayer to tap into our own miraculous nature. Easily allowing a natural alignment with inner and outer worlds and the light of our dreams. Bring to light, the seeds of your soul’s desires for planting into your world of possibility.

Create your “write it right” list (antenna to God, Source, Universe). What’s your energizing word that encompasses what you would like to bring to light right now in your life? We are in a natural receptive cycle. What are you now ready to be a good receiver of? Write some empowering statements such as:
I am ready to receive ________.
I am open to receive ________.
I am worthy of ___________.
My energizing word is _______.
Let it be!

Light your candle and declare fully “BeCome”!
May your heart open wider and your possibilities expand.
Let your light shine into the world!
Shine on ~

The 7 easy steps to the Manifesting New Moon Ritual here.