April New Moon 2019 Insider

April New Moon 2019 Insider

April 5/6th 2019 is Manifesting New Moon ~ You are worthy of manifesting your hopes and dreams, begin to align with your inspiring intentions now. Use 7 Easy Steps for the New Moon Ritual. What’s the new chapter for you? It will look nothing like anything you have had before. It’s coming in. Let yourself take in some stillness to connect. Use this aligning time to be still and get clear on what you really want. What is blossoming for you? What are you welcoming in? You don’t have to force your way out of the old chapters, it’s in the unfurling, in the blossoming of the new that the old will dissolve away. 3 WAYS TO ALLOW IN THE NEW BEGINNINGS: 1. Let the cycles complete so the old ways don’t repeat. Revolving isn’t the option you want anymore. You are on your path to evolve. Something long-held desires to come to a close. Something completely new wants to come through. Can you welcome the whole new growth and chapters that are ready to be written in a completely new way beyond anything you have known before? 2. Bloom your new beginnings. The constricted. Restricted. Closed off ways of the past have reached their expiration. You are ready. You can be “brave and afraid at the same time” as Brene Brown eloquently says. After all, you will be reaching into a whole new frontier and chapter for your life and it will have vulnerability with it. However, you are ready. “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the...
March New Moon 2017

March New Moon 2017

New Moon -Energizing Equinox Energy, March 27th. Harness the natural balancing effects of the energizing equinox energy during this powerful time by claiming and naming your manifesting wishes, hopes and dreams. (More on the New Moon Ritual here: http://goo.gl/leRp8H + get details on special FB LIVE event to help you prepare.)

December 2016 New Moon

Last New Moon 2016 December 28/29th Manifesting New Moon Ritual ~ December 28/29th. This will be the last new moon of the year. Reflect. Breathe in thoroughly a year review. Inhale. Exhale. Expand. Connect. Dream. Give intention. Speak your prayer. Offer the light. Set your intentions. The 7 simple steps of the Manifesting New Moon Ritual. This New Moon is rich. A new cycle to fully embody the new chapters to be written. 2016 is closing out with a New Moon during a Mercury Retrograde period. This precise alignment beckons you in the deepest way to get clear. Get perfectly clear on what gifts and lessons you have received during 2016 and what new understandings you are taking into 2017 for your most needed transforming manifesting shift. Write it Right. Pen to paper (Antenna to God). Light your candle. This last new moon is a special one that I highly recommend you get your family (works miracles at any age) to join you. By reflecting on the year’s cycle of ending and beginning you energize your new year with a stronger clarity. To say 2016 has been an intense year of reflection and truth-rumbling is an understatement. You have been stretched. Expanded. Asked to believe in yourself in new ways. Asked to believe in others in new ways. Your path has been primed with your own initiation to empower an emergence for a completely new way of life for 2017. Are you willing to walk into the gifts that are ready to unfold for you? This New Moon brings in profound power of reflection to give 2016 closure and...
November New Moon 2016

November New Moon 2016

Manifesting New Moon Ritual ~ Tuesday, November 29th 2016 ~ (7 easy steps for the New Moon Ritual: goo.gl/leRp8H)
Refresh. Reset. Renew.
Enough of the dark and heavy shadow energy that has been looming for a long lingering cycle! It’s time to stretch into the meaningful and significant light of dreams and intentions. Let’s begin within each of our own hearts and souls.
Nourish your soul. Relax into the acceptance for where you are today, so that you may plant the seeds for what’s next in the grounded soil of your life.
Begin a new start. Look to the year ahead. What are you envisioning for yourself? Time to think bigger. Put plans into place. Expand the energy around areas that have been stuck by bringing out the light of deeper intention-based dreams.
3 Focus Steps for the November New Moon Ritual:

October 30th 2016 New Moon

October 30th 2016 New Moon

~ Manifesting New Moon on Sunday, October 30th ~ This weekend is perfect timing for a powerful reflection. As we close down one month and welcome another. We are cycling into a new seasonal time. Synchronize your soul to your personal manifesting season. (More on the New Moon Ritual here: http://goo.gl/leRp8H)
Ready to heal and transform some important life area?
The nature of you and the nature around you has answers for you to connect into — for you own connection and congruence. Authentic alignment. An exquisite energy expansion. Make your connection with the grace that wants to give to you. Use this synchronizing time to be included into your own magical manifesting possibilities.
“The wilderness had a clarity that included me.” – Cheryl Strayed
Take time to get clear on your manifesting intentions.
Creating Closure with New Creations.
You will naturally find past written chapters of your life ready to close as your consciousness and life connection opens you stronger to the new creations you know you need to take.
2. Reconnecting. Reclaiming. Receiving.
You are now reconnecting to something that has been ready and is activating for you. Time to reclaim the connection to what you are ready to receive. This is a very relevant time to “name it and claim it”.
3. Accelerating Intentions Into Reality.
You are in the process of accelerating your deeply desired intentions into real form. Your living reality. Make time to give attention to your intentions and what you want to manifest now will accelerate toward your reality.
Make your “write it right” list, antenna to God, pen to paper and also find the energy word that expresses and encompasses it. Allow your manifesting word to become the flag you set on your sacred ground for your personal cycle ahead.
Write some empowering statements on your “write it right” list:
My energizing word of manifesting intention for this cycle is______.
I give closure to ________.
I give attention to the new creation of __________.
I reclaim the repressed part of me ready to _________.
I am open to receive ____________.
Accelerating into reality to support my highest good is ___________.
Enter your personal season with deliberate attention to your intentions. Light your candle and declare fully “BeCome” to what’s in your heart. What is whispering from your soul? What is calling to you from your life?
May the love and light in you shine bright!

New Moon Ritual May 2015

Manifesting New Moon Ritual May 17-18th, 2015 It’s time to BRING light to your hopes, dreams, prayers and intentions. You can break free into your dreams.  Significant cycles of change have been stirring and shaking up long held patterns for several months now. We are at important crossroads of change. Clarity of intention holds real power to impact the new manifesting changes that are ready to evolve next… on a very personal and global level for each of us.  Bring the light of awareness to what your soul is here to do next.  Lots of energy stirring right now as it seeks to be grounded into the next best practical steps for balance and well-being.  Have you felt emotionally charged about something recently? Obsessively dwelling on something specific?  Deeply desiring a resolution over something?  Those feelings and energies are guiding to you toward your desired change. Align with your intentions. Let your whole heart be true and open to what is ready to come forth next for you. Join me, and thousands of others around the world as we “write it right” (pen to paper - antenna to God/Universe) with prayers, hopes, intentions and dreams in our hearts. Lighting our candles together around the world.  + PLUS, I will be hosting a special Teleseminar for the May Manifesting New Moon on Sunday, May 17th @4:00 pm PST/ 7:00 pm EST. (be sure you are on my email list for details) I will be sharing how to best use this current cycle to manifest profound change. Including, the upcoming Mercury Retrograde period that begins following the May new moon.  Namaste my...