“Super Full Moon” photo taken from my backyard.

Synchronize with the power of natural cycles and watch the miraculous happen in your life. Today is the Full Moon and it is powerful day to release any and all things, situations or dynamics in our lives we would like to ‘Be Gone’! I have been doing this ritual for years with my children as a means to reflect and release.

The Full Moon is one of the most powerful times of the month to send back to the Universe anything we want to release. Energies surface during the Full Moon because it is the time where what is hidden is brought to light. It is the bringing to light all the darker and hidden aspects of our lives that need to re-balanced.

Not only has this ritual been remarkable in results for me, the feedback I have had from others who have done this ritual have been outstanding. Many others have experienced miraculous results either immediately or soon after the intentional act of releasing things on the Full Moon. It has been great for my children it gives them an outlet to write down all the areas of themselves and their life they can work on for improvement. It teaches self-inventory early on and this so important to maturity and our evolution as human beings. It has been a saving grace in my life personally.


Write down all the situations, circumstances, patterns, dynamics or anything you would like to relinquish… give up… surrender… have “Be Gone” to the Universe… God… Life.

Throw the list in the fire… and proclaim…. Be Gone! Watch the affirmative power of release go to work in your life.

It’s that simple, do not under-estimate the energetic efficiency of such an intentional act! Give yourself the power…. you are worth it!



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