Love connects me. Miracles find their way through the connection of love.

Miracles come with special delivery on the connection of love! No matter what you face this week… whether it’s something challenging or something to cherish, a miracle will surround you when you connect with love. 

Beginning of story…

So today mark the beginning of the story for you. All your answers you seek to find this week. Repeat… Love connects me. Miracles find their way through the connection of love. 

This mantra on LOVE holds so much power to attract miracles. I remember when “The Secret” came out and was all the craze. I was way deep in my life reconfiguration, going through a divorce, complete financial re-set along with a full on friend and family shake-down. For me these words on love & joy from The Secret were single most important message from it, I would repeat again and again.

“…All your joy is on the frequency of love. The highest and most powerful frequency of all. When you love, you are in complete harmony with the Universe. Love every thing you can. Love every one you can. Focus only things you love. Feel the love. You will experience love and joy coming back to you — multiplied. As you radiate more love, it will appear as if the entire Universe is moving every joyful thing to you. Moving every good person to you. In truth it is…”

Let today, this week be the beginning of the story for the miracles ready to find you through the connection of LOVE.

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