Manifesting New Moon

Energizing Equinox Energy

March 27th

Harness the natural balancing effects of the energizing equinox energy during this powerful time by claiming and naming your manifesting wishes, hopes and dreams. 

Germinate those seeds of dreams for the new cycle of your manifesting season ahead.

The energizing equinox energy of the new moon calls for the blossoming of dreams. Use this potent time to plant your soul’s seeds of dreams. This is the mid-point of the year for the balancing of light and dark between the sun and the moon. 

What does this mean for you? Anything that has felt heavy, imbalanced, with a back and forth energy can be liberated.

All the intense emotional energy is seeking the natural balance for you to cultivate and curate the next staging of your dreams. 

The natural energetic cycle of this new moon can help you boost your courage to claim your new intentions, dreams and wishes. Yes, name it and claim it! Write it right (pen to paper — antenna to God/Source) with the sacred act of intention, and bring to light that which is ready to emerge and transform. 

Use this power time to name it and claim it the manifesting intentions that are now ready for you. 

March’s New Moon Cycle Brings:

1. Balancing the Energy - Whatever has been a strong push-pull, back and forth energy will find a natural equilibrium. A breath of fresh air enables you to feel stable and steady. The unfolding is here. Call forth the manifesting intention in the area that has felt shaky, unstable. The beautiful balance you seek that is supportive to your soul’s dreams will come forth and nurture the seeds of your dreams. 

What life area have you felt a push-pull, up-down, back and forth over… needing decisive clarity?

2. Blossoming the Dreams - No matter where you are in the world there is a new cycle of energy that is very specific to help you blossom the flowers of your dreams that are now ready to be experienced and lived by you. Give the sacred time to activate the clarity and focus you need. 

What life area is it now time to truly allow your dreams to blossom?

3. Becoming Your Best Version - It’s time. You feel it rising up from deep within your soul the yearning to blossom more fully and live out the truest highest expression and vision of your life. Now is your time to allow your becoming to unfold and reach out to the world. You are worthy of your dreams.

What life area do you need to strengthen your courage to express your best?

Don’t miss this powerful manifesting time to create a grounded connection between your big life dreams and visions and the everyday practical steps that will enable you to activate the power to unfold your dreams and visions with ease and grace.

Take this sacred time and use this powerful magical opportunity to boost your manifesting intentions into real dreams.
Pen to paper, antenna to God/Life/Univerise.
Bring to the light.
Shine On-
P.S. I will be doing Facebook LIVE Manifesting New Moon Ritual from my home on Sunday, March 26th at 8pm PST (Los Angeles Time) to help you prepare for yours. Be sure to join my email list to be notified of details.

Manifesting New Moon Ritual - Energizing Equinox Energy