~ Manifesting New Moon on Sunday, October 30th ~

This weekend is perfect timing for a powerful reflection. As we close down one month and welcome another. We are cycling into a new seasonal time. Synchronize your soul to your personal manifesting season. 

Ready to heal and transform some important life area?

The nature of you and the nature around you has answers for you to connect into — for you own connection and congruence. Authentic alignment. An exquisite energy expansion. Make your connection with the grace that wants to give to you. Use this synchronizing time to be included into your own magical manifesting possibilities.

“The wilderness had a clarity that included me.” - Cheryl Strayed

Take time to get clear on your manifesting intentions.

1. Creating Closure with New Creations. 
You will naturally find past written chapters of your life ready to close as your consciousness and life connection opens you stronger to the new creations you know you need to take.

2. Reconnecting. Reclaiming. Receiving. 
You are now reconnecting to something that has been ready and is activating for you. Time to reclaim the connection to what you are ready to receive. This is a very relevant time to “name it and claim it”.

3. Accelerating Intentions Into Reality. 
You are in the process of accelerating your deeply desired intentions into real form. Your living reality. Make time to give attention to your intentions and what you want to manifest now will accelerate toward your reality.

Make your “write it right” list, antenna to God, pen to paper and also find the energy word that expresses and encompasses it. Allow your manifesting word to become the flag you set on your sacred ground for your personal cycle ahead. 

Write some empowering statements on your “write it right” list:
My energizing word of manifesting intention for this cycle is______.
I give closure to ________.
I give attention to the new creation of __________.
I reclaim the repressed part of me ready to _________.
I am open to receive ____________.
Accelerating into reality to support my highest good is ___________.

Enter your personal season with deliberate attention to your intentions. Light your candle and declare fully “BeCome” to what’s in your heart. What is whispering from your soul? What is calling to you from your life?

May the love and light in you shine bright!
Wishing you many manifesting dreams.
Shine On-


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