I want to share what you have meant to me.

I want to thank you.

I want to thank everyone of you.

Truly from my heart to yours! Thank you.

I spent the past several days working long hours putting together the reminders, the emails and so much of the behind the scene elements for the upcoming full moon content and teleseminars. A lot of outpouring I had been doing for several days, non-stop. It was around midnight, Saturday night and the super moon was shining so bright and magnificent through the glass sliding doors in my office. I sat on the floor silently soaking in radiant moon light.

It was only a simple act of  looking up at the moon and a simple smile that stirred something deep in me. 

My smile felt different. My smile felt deeply soulful, sweet and sincere. In that moment something came full circle for me.

Since I have started sharing the spiritual practice of the Moon Rituals, all of you you have immediately embraced me. Thanked me. Encouraged me. Inspired me. Shared your stories with me in ways I know and ways only my heart does.

I get blown away by the beauty of all of you. The worldwide embrace of 50+ countries. The honest humility of each of you, your dreams and intentions.

It all came full circle to me as…

I recalled something I wrote eight years ago. 

Here is the verbatim excerpt from 2006:

While I lived in a beautiful home, with the most incredible property, that to the outside world appeared to be a picture perfect life, there had been many nights when I soaked in my garden tub looking up to the full moon lighting the sky, crying deep tears of pain. I would vow to the moon that one day I will look up to it and not hurt this way again. Here I had a life filled with so many wonderful material possessions, but it felt empty. This emptiness was painful, lonely and sad.

When I was young, I always held onto a deep dream of a love relationship that would be truly heart fulfilling. After being married ten years and then having children, I realized that all along, something was missing. I spent another five years trying to figure it out. I would try to make things feel different by the things I could DO. It was my attempt to try to DO MORE that sent me even deeper down the path of falsehood. I started a complex business venture to bring more money into my family to fill the empty hole. The hole just got bigger and deeper.

When I was young and fresh at the age of twenty I thought a soul mate relationship was based on some perfect destiny with this other soul meant just for me that when we met somehow my life would be complete and wonderful.

(Next is my reflection of soulmate love in my late thirties.)

I am beginning to understand what a soul mate relationship really is. A soul mate relationship is in the experience of two people having an agreement in a congruent ideal, vision or dream in their life together. They make choices daily to share and support each other toward fulfilling this dream.

Then I had to walk in the direction of that decision of Divine truth with no attachment to a person, place, past or future events. I could not be worried about what would happen next or what others would think about me. I had to give up my attachment that this vision or dream had to come from my husband. It was very hard at first because you have to surrender to the process of letting go and truly turn it over to God and the Divine law of love.

I had to be willing to make a decision that supports my place of Divine truth.

The powerful place of humility and surrender to God’s will or Divine Order, where all the power to be healed and whole springs forth. The place where I know love is supposed to feel good and supportive.

I began to walk the decisive path where I knew I had to take full responsibility for everything I wanted my life to be. It could only come from me and my relationship to the Divine Law that guides life to love, happiness and fulfillment.

My emptiness began to close down as I naturally began to fill my spirit by making decisions that only supported the Divine TRUTH with full integrity.

It has taken time but decision by decision and choice by choice, I have walked toward the direction of my dreams on all levels; the kind of mom I want to be, the kind of environment I want to raise my children in, the kind of partner I want to have beside me, the kind of career I want to devote my life to and the kind of friends I want to be surrounded by.  [End of excerpt from 2006.]

Now here I sit 2014, looking up at the super moon full and bright. Thinking of all you.  The magnificent healing capacity each and every one of us have to create the life that matters to our hearts. Thinking of Jack, my soulmate love partner in the other room waiting for me. When I wrote those words in 2006. I would have no idea the amount of amazing healing and transformation that would follow forward through time.

I just knew somewhere deep inside of me,

life would match my heart’s willingness to reach for it.

When I woke up Sunday morning. I received a thank you email from someone who has been doing the moon rituals for a year now. However, this past super full moon she got her husband to join her for the first time and it was beautiful. I can’t properly express the happiness my heart felt reading her email/message in the morning. My heart truly smiled and a tear of happiness steamed down my cheek.

Beautiful light. Beautiful connection.

All of you. 

Thank you.

You matter. Your dreams matter. Keep believing in your dreams and their unfoldment.

Keep believing in your healing capacity and the liberation to live congruently with what is in your heart!



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