Last New Moon 2016

December 28/29th

Manifesting New Moon Ritual ~ December 28/29th. This will be the last new moon of the year. Reflect. Breathe in thoroughly a year review. Inhale. Exhale. Expand. Connect. Dream. Give intention. Speak your prayer. Offer the light. Set your intentions. The 7 simple steps of the Manifesting New Moon Ritual.

This New Moon is rich. A new cycle to fully embody the new chapters to be written. 2016 is closing out with a New Moon during a Mercury Retrograde period. This precise alignment beckons you in the deepest way to get clear. Get perfectly clear on what gifts and lessons you have received during 2016 and what new understandings you are taking into 2017 for your most needed transforming manifesting shift.

Write it Right. Pen to paper (Antenna to God). Light your candle. This last new moon is a special one that I highly recommend you get your family (works miracles at any age) to join you. By reflecting on the year’s cycle of ending and beginning you energize your new year with a stronger clarity.

To say 2016 has been an intense year of reflection and truth-rumbling is an understatement. You have been stretched. Expanded. Asked to believe in yourself in new ways. Asked to believe in others in new ways. Your path has been primed with your own initiation to empower an emergence for a completely new way of life for 2017.

Are you willing to walk into the gifts that are ready to unfold for you?

This New Moon brings in profound power of reflection to give 2016 closure and to receive 2017. The fact that we are in a New Moon + Mercury Retrograde means you are naturally being drawn toward slowing down and gaining clarity for what is ready to manifest next for you. 

If you were to write a letter to 2016, what would you say?

Dear 2016,

Thank you for the following gifts of inner expansion in the following ways: List the lessons, understandings and new awarenesses you acclaimed this past year. 

Thank you for the following gifts of outer expansion in the following ways: List actual real worldly gifts, people, circumstances, support in any form (monetary, helping earth angels, a lucky break, synchronicity, etc.)

Also, ask yourself what has been your hardest lesson that has served as a catalyst for change? Can you name it and claim it with thankfulness to carry forward as a gift into the new year?

Who or what was your greatest teacher or agent of growth for the past year?

Let the most important life lesson you take from 2016 give you the energy to evolve magnificently the way your path is ready to expand. Name it.

What truth did you discover this year that has illuminated your life’s path with clearer, brighter intentions?

Claim the energizing word or phrase you would like to embody for 2017. Feel free to share your energizing words/phrase on the comments below. I would love to hear yours.

Here is mine: Thank you. I am entering 2017 with that energy word/phrase. Throughout my days and each night. I will be saying “Thank you”, and I will be filling in the blank as many ways as I can. I am committed to 2017 being a year filled with the abundance of thousands of ways I got to say “Thank you”, to my life.

And with my whole heart, I say, “Thank you” to you for connecting with me on this inspiration trail of life. 
You matter. 
Your dreams matter.
Let your light shine ~

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