April 26th Manifesting New Moon
This is the of 3 consecutive Super New Moons (April, May, and June). Have you been feeling a sense of tossing, turning and tapping you for attention? Find relief with the Manifesting New Moon Ritual. 
New Beginnings.
Never has it been truer that April showers brings May flowers. The April showers reflect that unrelenting, attention-grabbing downpour of what’s to be cleansed and brought forth in new intentional ways.
Have the retrogrades felt like they have been stretching and squeezing you toward your needed growth?
Relief will be ushered in if you take the time and give attention to the next chapter ready and waiting to be written into creation.
What has grabbed your attention recently as a priority focus for deeply needed renewal?
APRIL Manifesting New Moon Focus:
1. CONNECTION. ALIGNMENT. Deep healing alignment is being asked of you right now in a persistent life area. Health? Relationship? Career? Finances? Purpose? Write it right. Pen to paper — antenna to God — Universe. Make your specific intended requests receive the hopes and dreams that align with your soul-inspired self.
2. ASK. RECEIVE. ACHIEVE. Let go of all the figuring out how to achieve what you need. First, get still and ask the important questions of what you really want right now. Get very specific and clear with your intentions, hopes, and dreams. Be open to fully receive the alignment that naturally guides you to what you need to achieve.
3. IGNITE THE LIGHT OF YOU. EMBRACE. EMBODY. Energetically, you are desiring with all your heart and soul to experience and embrace your light of truth. Ignite the light of your dreams. Let the energy embrace the good that will move toward you with miraculous manifesting momentum.
Write it right. Pen to paper - antenna to God/Universe. As we enter the month of May, manifesting momentum will speed up. You will have the benefit of your intentions being super-charged! Experience the sacred moments of the simple spiritual practice of the Manifesting New Moon Ritual, and enrich what is next for you.
Write it right. (Pen to paper - Antenna to God, Universe, Creation).
Make space for the light of your dreams to shine.
Activate your dreams.
Light your candle.
Let your manifesting intentions shine.

Join the global movement of collective consciousness, and participate in the Manifesting New Moon Ritual to spring forward with your light that is ready to shine. 

Align to the best that LIFE wants to manifest with you!
Shine on ~
Heart Smiles,

April Super New Moon Monthly Intention

by Anne Ribley | 15 Minutes


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