Mantra Confidence

MONDAY MANTRA: Alive With Confidence I Rise! Turn up the volume of ALIVENESS, confidence will rise to meet to you and help carry you, it’s a beautiful thing. Experience the energizing effect every time you want a boost.

Love Answer Mantra

“Love is my answer” is a simple mantra that can save you, protect you, and conspire miracles for you. This mantra can create a pure space of no regret and, in return, increase all sorts of prosperous conditions to work on your behalf. A natural relaxing clarity happens while repeating this mantra. Confusion evaporates in the presence of love.

Mantra Trust Expansion

MONDAY MANTRA: I Trust My Expansion. There is something new and beautiful that is ready to expand for you. Let the expansion happen with ease and grace. Align with the trusting nature of the universe to support you.

Mantra Soft Power

MONDAY MANTRA: My Softness Gives Me Power!
Give yourself SOFTNESS for power. Hard force isn’t the way. Hard force tears down. Softness encircles and expands. Enter your day with SOFTNESS.

Mantra Absolutely Worthy of a Miracle Now

MONDAY MANTRA: I am absolutely worthy of a miracle now. Carry these powerful mantra words with you into 2019! Let these mantra words be a source of strength, allowing you to move closer to the absolute knowing that you were born out of miraculous impact. You will continue to unfold a life filled with… possibility… to match the miracles ready to be received by YOU!

Mantra Divine Dignity

MONDAY MANTRA: Divine Dignity. As we step into the first Monday of 2019 with high aims towards new dreams and sacred desires to actualize… stand tall in and with your Divine Dignity. https://anneribley.com

Mantra Believe in the Magic

MONDAY MANTRA: I Believe… & It’s Magical. Pick that one area of your life that needs to be powered-up. That one area of your life that you have felt fear or insecurity rattle your ability to go “all in” with believing in what’s possible for you or new circumstance. Today, allow yourself to align with your magical possibilities by inserting these power words into your consciousness.

Mantra My Generous Heart Glows

MONDAY MANTRA: My generous heart glows! Declare your day with the generous heart that is already natural to you. Today, don’t hold back. Let your natural glow of spirit radiate a magnanimous energy field of beautiful and miraculous possibilities for you.

Mantra Something Miraculous Is Showing Up

Something miraculous is showing up! Say it with me…. Something miraculous is showing up. Be open to receive what you need at this time. Let yourself be in the discovery mind as miraculous manifesting finds you. Repeat the mantra every day throughout the week as something miraculous is on the way to show up for you. Now, smile and relax into your day for the miraculous to come your way throughout this week. Look for the miraculous, it’s on the way to you.

Mantra Silent Power Speaks

Silent Power Speaks When you pull your power inward, you connect stronger to your power source. You accelerate your very own magnetic law of attraction using your silent power. You accelerate your very own magnetic connection with life and the natural law of...

Mantra Worthy Ready

I AM HERE! Worthy and ready. We disconnect our worth when we attach it to somewhere else. In the past. In the future. In someone. In an outcome. Getting there. Striving and arriving. We don’t get to enter where worthiness dwells. Right here. Now.

Mantra Nurture Your Value

MONDAY MANTRA: Today, I Nurture My Value. Breathe it in. Relax into your rightful receiving. Nourish your needs. Claim your intrinsic value that matters in EVERY LIFE area. Take tender care of your truth. Nurture the value of you. Be willing to embrace every ounce of your worthiness to be valued!

Mantra Finding Your Miracle

MONDAY MANTRA: My miracles claim me! My miracles claim me! My miracles claim me! Exactly the miracle you need will claim you in the way that is the most supportive for you!
Speak to your miracles that are all around and ready to rush to you! Whatever it is you need, nothing is too big, small or tall for your Divine order, claim it.

Mantra to Shine

MONDAY MANTRA: ✨As long as I shine, I will be fine!✨There are countless ways fear stockpiles upon us and it can make living a held-back life seem natural and it is NOT. Let your “radiate self” lead you for a remarkable week with the mantra… As long as I shine, I will be fine!
Let this powerful mantra help lead you. Jack was in a spotlight situation and he almost declined on something for speaking up. However, he said… hearing the mantra in his mind repeat… As long as I shine, I will be fine pushed him forward. And understand, he is a confident speaking man. The deal is… we all situations can we let ourselves slide into the background of our lives: Not say it. Not share it. Not ask for it. Not step into it. Not call out to it. Not say yes to it. Not speak up to it. Not allow the change. I invite you to turn up the volume of YOU. We need more of your shine in the world.

Mantra Call in the Power

MANTRA: I am calling the POWER forth…from wherever it is… I am open to receive what I need now!
Claim what you need. Relationship love, health restoration, healing, opportunity, money, answers, strength, support… connection. Whatever it is you need… Call it forth. Allow it from wherever it is to come to you.

Mantra Welcome Miracle Now

MONDAY MANTRA: I welcome… the golden warm miracle ready for me. Pick the life area that has felt cold and distant, now imagine specifically that person or situation with the embracing energy of golden warmth that calls forth the miracle you are now ready to receive. Take that situation or person and hold them in the warm golden light for 3 minutes in the morning and at the end of the night.

Mantra for Good Energy Presence

MONDAY MANTRA: I am the energy, I bring. I bring my PRESENCE. There is no greater way to start your day, your week… this moment than to be fully showing up with your presence. Bookend your moments by silently repeating… I am the energy, I bring. I bring… my Presence.
As our connection to life is fast-tracking and becoming more and more instant, we need small rituals with transitions into the next set of interactions with life. Use this mantra as a powerful start when you are transitioning from activity to a new one, whether with someone or in the act of doing something.
Such a powerful reminder to show up with the active presence of the energy you are desiring to create.

Forgiveness Mantra

MONDAY MANTRA: I am the forgiver. I am the forgiven. Forgiveness frees me. I release… I am free! Bring the energy of forgiveness to your day and speak it throughout the week. Feel the power of forgiveness giving healing energy to our humanity that we strongly need. Let the power of redemptive love connect us to the forgiveness needed at this time on all levels. Individually and collectively.

Trust in Life’s Rhythm Mantra

MONDAY MANTRA: I trust my life as it moves with rhythm to my highest good. Trying. Striving. Grasping. Needing. Busyness to better. Faster. More. Can disconnect our core connection to the foundational trust that life is unfolding for us. Life’s trust. Real trust. Powerful trust. The still solid silent trust holding the whole universe together in all its’ magnanimous power of connection to ALL, including each of us.

Power Support Mantra

MONDAY MANTRA: I am supported. Say these magic words again and again.
I am supported. I am supported. I am supported! Let support step forward for you in surprising ways.
Be willing to receive the support. Let these mantra words strengthen your every step with powerful supporting action. Although these words can sound simple, truth is… these mantra words have saved my life in so many ways. Let support step forward for you!

Yes Mantra

MONDAY MANTRA: I am BLESSED in my YES! All your power is connected to your authentic yes. The true congruent yes. Not the automated yes that comes from avoiding conflict or people pleasing that contorts you into a compromised version of yourself.

Prosperity Guide Me Mantra

MONDAY MANTRA: Prosperity guides me. Prosperity finds me. Prosperity guides me. Prosperity finds me.
Saying the word… P-R-O-S-P-E-R-I-T-Y… silently and slowly to yourself evokes elevated expansion and attraction. Speaking the mantra immediately lets you shape a prosperity posture.

Claiming Your POWER Mantra

I am claiming my POWER back. I am strengthened. I move forward. As you move through life pieces of your power can get displaced. Without recognition, your power can get stuck in the past through traumas, repeating stories or patterns that robs you of your power. You...

Beautiful Blessings Mantra

MONDAY MANTRA: I trust…beautiful blessings to guide my day! Beautiful things will happen as you open up to your day with the utmost trust in life, yourself and the world around you. Fear constricts the flow. Fear blocks blessings.

I am Willingness. I Nourish My Freedom

I am willingness. I nourish my freedom. I am willingness to follow-through. I am willingness to show up. I am willingness to learn. I am willingness to grow. I am willingness to hold the line. I am willingness to be firm. I am willingness to be soft. I am willingness....

Showing Up Mantra

I am SHOWING up! Life, reveal your goodness to me. Show up fully and present… for the conversation, for the chance, for your turn, for the gift, for the answer, for the moment…. LIFE… (repeat it) I am showing up! So much gets taking care of for us...

Find My Way Mantra

MONDAY MANTRA: I find my way and claim today. You are never stuck. You are never closed off. You are never lacking from what you need next. There is a way.
Claim today.
Claim the opening to find your opportunities for something magical.
Your way is your power.
Your way is all around you, through you and available for you.
What do you need at this time? You can find your way.
Claim it.

Divine Restoration Mantra

MONDAY MANTRA: Divine Restoration renews & rebuilds my life. This mantra is dedicated for anyone who is going through a time of big change and needing Divine Restoration to enter strongly into their life.

Show Up Let Your Light Shine Mantra

Today… I show up. Speak Up. And let my light shine!
I absolutely know this is how you can activate your most natural state of power. It’s how we come into the world as a child. All great change in our lives and in the world comes from our willingness to fully show up to the moment, the day and all that is… here and now.
Speak up and show up to what is truthful to the moment, situation and what is… and your light will shine brighter. In doing this most powerful act, everything shifts into a better place of change. Once this mantra unveiled these words to me… I found myself repeating these words so easily with effortless grace over and over….
Let your light shine. Show up. Speak up. Start today.

Compassion and Expansion Mantra

The most compassionate act you can do for your life’s existence is to act as a compassionate being with yourself.
Allow yourself to expand into your true potentiality is your greatest act of self-love. Being a compassionate person/being… begins with you, it’s an act of self-love. And you can start now by placing your hand over your heart and stating … With compassion and expansion… I Love MySelf.

Symbols of Abundance Mantra

MONDAY MANTRA: Thank you… for the symbols of abundance that continue to show up in my life.
Empower your week with the recognition and sharing of LIFE’S overflowing presence and abundance that is here to be celebrated!
With holy gratitude give deep reverence to the symbols of abundance that continue to show up for you.
Find as many magic moments as you can this week of the movement of abundance.
Acknowledge and speak with silent reverence…
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Let the energy expand for you.

Magical Manifesting Mantra

I am open to magical manifesting moving toward me. You can lift up faith today with the magical joy of the Universe. Pick a troublesome issue or life area you would like to have something magical to manifest for you. Now surrender the heavy weighted issue to the Universe and repeat… I am open to magical manifesting moving toward me!
Step up in a new way today… out of hiding/holding back… reach out/open up to receive as you speak the mantra three times with arms open wide. Try this three times daily for the next week and you will have something magical manifest for you. Speak the words for magical manifesting will move toward you.
Everything is negotiable with life. Free yourself from the weight of something heavy-hearted to the Universal Source of light to create magical manifestations. May is a manifesting time. Let this mantra lift toward your inspired intentions and dreams… I am open to magical manifesting moving toward me.

Favorable Outcome Mantra

MONDAY MANTRA: I am in the light of favorable outcomes!
Find as many opportunities today and the rest of the week to repeat the mantra of FAVORABLE OUTCOMES!
Connecting to the deeper trust of life’s flow reduces the noise of fear and brings to light the natural good that inspires favorable outcomes. Lean into the faith that naturally follows favorable outcomes. Speak to it. Let it wash over you. Follow you. Surround you. Be with you.
Life naturally desires to be in harmony of favorable outcomes. Open yourself to the gift you are worthy of receiving. May your day and week be filled with the light of favorable outcomes! Breath. Smile. And receive.

Healthy Empower Direction Mantra

Today, I receive what is healthy, right and empowering for me! Today, I receive what is healthy, right and empowering for me. Honor you. Honor your essential self that is always guiding you in the right direction. Fully allow yourself to receive what is right for you....

Peace By Peace I Reach Mantra

Peace by Peace – I Reach! You are connected to everything you need to instantly be filled with peace. Be in a state of a “peace by peace” momentum. In a deep breath. In a shift of thought. In a change of perspective… in a smile… or in the simple act of giving a hug. Keep reaching and connecting with your day peace by peace.
No matter what your day or week encounters use this powerful mantra… “Peace by Peace – I Reach” it will sharpen your focus and invite your inspiring presence and guidance to lead you to all your next best intentions of self-love, kindness, connection and your well-being!

Grace Mantra

MONDAY MANTRA: I am inside my GRACE! We all each have our own lane of GRACE. Allow yourself to be in the ease and flow of your GRACE {yes, GRACE with all capitals}. Let every cell of your being radiate in the presence of GRACE that is already present and connected with you. It’s miraculous. It’s Divine. It’s a miracle maker and shaper.
Everywhere you go and everything you touch today moves with you and through you in your lane of GRACE.
{Breath it in and let it be.}
Be witness to the miracles unfolding forward for you inside your lane of GRACE. All our best manifesting intentions come forward with ease and grace.
Be inside yours because you are.

It’s My Time Mantra

It’s my time. It’s my turn. I say yes — I am ready to take the next step!
Use this power mantra to help you move into action, to not delay or avoid by holding yourself back. Welcome your day into synchronicity, create meaningful momentum, open yourself up to a beautiful new opportunity, let something miraculous unfold, take the next best step…
You can use this mantra as a powerful reminder to boost yourself with the courage to show up. Place your hand over your heart and repeat {{ It’s my time. It’s my turn. I say yes — I am ready to take the next step. }}
Something magical awaits you.
Go for it.
It’s your time.
It’s your turn.
Step forward to receive.

Filled With Enthusiasm Energy for Today Mantra

MONDAY MANTRA: Filled with enthusiasm, I energize today! Start your mornings with this extremely powerful mantra. You will instantly and automatically receive feel an energy rise simply by repeating this mantra slowly and fully to embody…
Filled with enthusiasm, I energize today.
All your highly favorable good will move faster toward you in the synchronizing energy field of enthusiasm. Want more energy? Or an instant energy burst? How about a morning surge of energy to set the tone for the day…. try super-charging the mantra message with water.
As you take a drink of water, repeat the mantra slowly and silently in your mind…
Filled with enthusiasm, I energize my body, my mind and today! Another way of saying this mantra is… I am showing up alive, vibrant, present, filled with charisma and ready to embrace my life fully with no fear. Bring it.
Try a simple meditational moment with water while repeating the mantra for your next energy surge!
Namaste, Anne

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