Monday Mantras

Mantras are one of the easier ways to change the message you are carrying. Mantras lead to embodying the transformational power to activate the natural laws of attraction.

Energy Enthusiasm Mantra

Filled with enthusiasm, I energize today! Start your mornings with this extremely powerful mantra. Repeat this mantra slowly and fully to embody…
Filled with enthusiasm, I energize today. You will naturally feel the energy rise as you make resonating rapport with your body’s natural ability for enthusiasm.
All your highly favorable good will move faster toward you in the synchronizing energy field of enthusiasm. Want more energy? Or an instant energy burst? How about a morning surge of energy to set the tone for the day…. try super-charging the mantra message with water.
As you take a drink of water, repeat the mantra slowly and silently in your mind… Filled with enthusiasm, I energize my body, my mind and today!
Try a simple meditational moment with water while repeating the mantra for your next energy surge!

Worthiness Mantra Intention

I am a being of worthiness… willing and ready to receive. Want to feel your day rise in natural receiving abundance? Speak this mantra to start your day… I am a being of worthiness… {pause – breath it in – deep breath} willing and ready to receive.
So much can be convoluted around worthiness when in fact worthiness is natural. Worthiness to thrive, be alive, receive life’s natural abundance is not a game that has to be played to earn. It is the natural starting point that never leaves.
Return deeper into your being of worthiness. Remember your being of worthiness. Use your willingness to receive from the original knowing you are a being of worthiness.
Allow your day to gift you in your worthiness. What if today all you did was practice to live in your being of worthiness… willing and ready to receive… I believe something miraculous will happen…. Ready to be open for it?
You are worth it.

Shine in Divine Light Mantra

You don’t have to try so hard. You don’t have to strive so hard. You don’t need permission. You are worthy to shine because you are connected to the greater truth by Divine right.
You have your answer by Divine truth setting into motion your radiance to shine. You are a spark of Divine creation connected to the truth of today. Reach for it. Open to it.
Start your morning with this powerful intention. Today, I shine in the Divine truth of today. And that truth holds magic, power, and miracles for you.
Shine on –

Willing to Ask Worthy To Receive Mantra

MONDAY MANTRA: I am willing to ask… I am worthy to receive! Practice your willingness to ASK. Yes, be willing to speak up. Show up. And ask!
Dissolve your fears around asking and receiving by strengthening the willing to ask… by aligning to the natural well-being of RECEIVING. There is a reason for the verse… Ask and you shall receive… It’s the natural law of attraction at work. Practice and strengthen your law of attraction by being willing to ask… and let your worthiness to receive step forward for you.
Repeat the mantra three times, you will immediately feel a courage rise. Be willing to ask… then be worthy to receive. Such a simple healing mantra for miraculous manifesting.

Receive Empowering Directional Mantra

Today, I receive what is healthy, right and empowering for me. Honor you. Honor your essential self that is always guiding you in the right direction. Fully allow yourself to receive what is right for you. Allow yourself to do what is healthy for you. Choose what is empowering (in-power) for you.
There is a benevolent power that is moving your life’s destiny with your own natural synchronicity. Today, trust your journey more fully. Today, receive what’s yours more openly. Today, allow yourself to be empowered with what brings you deeper into your power.
Use this mantra as a guiding power direction for your week.
Today, I receive what is healthy, right and empowering for me.