Monday Mantras

Mantras are one of the easier ways to change the message you are carrying. Mantras lead to embodying the transformational power to activate the natural laws of attraction.

Symbols of Abundance Mantra

Thank you… for the symbols of abundance that continue to show up in my life.
Empower your week with the recognition and sharing of LIFE’S overflowing presence and abundance that is here to be celebrated!
With holy gratitude give deep reverence to the symbols of abundance that continue to show up for you.
Find as many magic moments as you can this week of the movement of abundance.
Acknowledge and speak with silent reverence…
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Let the energy expand for you.

Light of Possibility Mantra

I am the light of possibility. Liberated & Free. Your past doesn’t define you. Your present doesn’t have to confine you either. Your true essential self is the light of possibility! There is your peace to know you are liberated and free! Move through your day and week knowing you have access always to the light prosperous possibilities!

Synergistic Support Mantra

I am connecting to synergistic support and I am calling it forth! You don’t have to go it alone. You don’t have to carry it “all” either.
Connect to the natural synergistic energy ready to conspire with you and for you. Tap into it. Connect with it. Claim it. Call it forth… and receive the support when it shows up! Lift your manifesting intentions with ease and grace by calling on synergistic support. Simply saying… “synergistic support come forth” conspires the energy toward you!

Power Mantra

I welcome my POWER… prosperous, promising and full of possibility.
Fully and openly welcome the Source of your being to claim the gifts of your power. Peel back a layer of suppression today. Hold back less. Lean in more. Let yourself take a deep full breath with your {hand over your heart} and repeat the mantra as a welcoming invitation to your POWER.

Connect With Certainty Mantra at Your Calm Center Power Source

I connect with certainty. There is a place of pure power — pure love — pure possibility — the all encompassing connection of truth that lives as our inner “knowingness”. In this connection, doubts dissolve, fuzziness fades and clarity asserts. We don’t have to try for this place of knowingness or even think our way into this connection. It is ours — always! It’s how we experience love. It’s how we say YES even when we are unsure and filled with fear.
Amazing energy will move us forward simply by repeating the mantra… I connect with CERTAINTY! I personally have found tremendous confidence to expand with this mantra. May it hold the magic of confidence and certainty for you too!
Use these 4 simple words to invite in your power.

Trust My Expansion Mantra

I trust my expansion. There is something new and beautiful that is ready to expand for you. Let the expansion happen with ease and grace. Align to the trusting nature of the universe to support you. Abundance. Love. Opportunity. Relationships. Health. Well-Being. Any life area that moves us toward expansion we can start to put up resistance and ultimately block the evolving good that wants to help support us.
Let this mantra give you a calm settling centered connection to trust your expansion. Fears will try to hold you back or can make you feel small… trusting your personal expansion let’s you welcome enriching new growth and opportunity.
Repeating the mantra…. I trust my expansion… is a powerful way to say yes to a thriving life. {{Place your hand over your heart… and repeat… I trust my expansion.}}
Trust. Expand. Good. Starts. Now.

I am Worth it Mantra

The answer is yes. You are worth it. Your life is saying… Yes… Yes… Yes. You are worth it.

Your heart is beating consistently the answer of…
Yes – Yes – Yes. You are worth it. Repeat the mantra…
I am worth it. Whatever is coming up for you now. Let this mantra guide you. You are worth it.

Place your hand over your heart… feel your heartbeat… get in rhythm and in sync with your natural – YES. That is what your heartbeat is saying over and over again.
Yes. Yes. Yes.

Anchor the mantra… I am worth it. Whenever you feel doubt or fear rattle you. Close your eyes and let your heartbeat remind you of the YES that is already alive and beating your heart with an unwavering YES and repeat… I am worth it.
Because you are.
Worth it.

Silent Power Speaks Mantra

Silent Power Speaks. When you pull your power inward, you connect stronger to your power source. You accelerate your very own magnetic law of attraction by using your silent power.
Repeat the mantra “Silent Power Speaks” often this week.
You will immediately stop energy leaks from draining your personal power.
Give yourself permission to let your “Silent Power to Speak” and you will find it energizing and refreshing in many situations. It stops the compulsive need to constantly fix things.
Feel your energy rise and replenish rather than drain as you {breath in fully} repeat… Silent Power Speaks… POWERFULLY and enough!

Supportive Flow Mantra

MANTRA: That which supports me BOLDLY steps forward. That which doesn’t GRACEFULLY steps down.

This is absolutely one of the most powerful mantras you can use for everything!!! It is a very relevant mantra right now for the manifesting cycle we are in with the Super New Moon.

Call in the trusting flow of the universe and relax into the support that will step forward for you in unquestionable ways to let you know — BOLDLY this is for you!

And those situations that aren’t working out or are shifting, thank the universe for the graceful step down.

This mantra can change your life. It is a living meditation that deepens your trust in what is yours to engage with and what is yours to release and surrender to a greater source. Incredibly beautiful…. during this winding up of a manifesting cycle. Speak it every day in all ways… That which supports me BOLDLY steps forward… that which doesn’t GRACEFULLY steps down.

This one is a keeper for you. Keep it close and call on it anytime, every time and whenever you need it to be clearly shown to you.
You got this… call it in!

Magical Manifesting Mantra

MONDAY MANTRA: I am open to magical manifesting moving toward me. You can lift up faith today with the magical joy of the Universe. Pick a troublesome issue or life area you would like to have something magical to manifest for you. Now surrender the heavy weighted issue to the Universe and repeat… I am open to magical manifesting moving toward me!

Open your arms wide and speak the mantra three times. Try this three times daily for the next week and you will have something magical manifest for you. Speak the words… Magical manifesting will move toward you.

Everything is negotiable with life. Free yourself from the weight of something heavy-hearted to the Universal Source of light to create magical manifestations. May is a manifesting time. Let this mantra lift toward your inspired intentions and dreams… I am open to magical manifesting moving toward me.

Live Your Abundance Mantra

I am living inside the abundance that surrounds and is all around! You are standing inside an abundant universe. Nature speaks her blessings and bounty of abundance as a reminder of her thriving process. You are included in the natural supporting, surrounding abundance of life.

Attune to your abundance. Affirm your abundance. Speak the mantra of abundance…. I am living inside the abundance that surrounds and is all around.

We do not live in a withholding universe. We live inside an abundant source. Step outside of the scarcity perceptions and inside authentic truth of your abundant birthright to thrive. Carrying this mantra message into your week… I am living inside the abundance that surrounds and is all around.

Beautiful Blessings Mantra

MONDAY MANTRA: I trust…beautiful blessings to guide my day! Beautiful things will happen as you open up to your day with the utmost trust in life, yourself and the world around you. Fear constricts the flow. Fear blocks blessings.

Let your day be guided with life’s currency, by trusting in the flow that will uplift you. Hold your standard high today, trust in life’s beautiful blessings to guide you. Don’t allow yourself to be pulled into other people’s dramas or disempowering perceptions, attitudes or beliefs with life. Practice strengthening… trust… repeat the mantra throughout the week… I trust {deep breath} beautiful blessings to guide my day.