Prosperity Courage Mantra

MONDAY MANTRA: My courage leads me into PROSPEROUS Possibilities! There is a place we can pull from for our courage and it doesn’t have to feel so hard. Speak to your courage today, it’s already in you ready to be a bit bolder, stronger and ready to EXPAND, one step at a time!
Find your one step of courage to take and let it lead your week toward prosperous possibilities! You are worthy of prosperous possibilities let the innate courage in you, lead you!

I am Prosperity Being Mantra

MONDAY MANTRA: I am a prosperous being! All my GOOD lives everywhere around me and through me. Have your arms open wide to receive your prosperity today and this week. We do not live in a withholding universe so therefore, none of your good is being withheld from you… so be free to receive starting right now!
Let this mantra become a message that lives deeply in you.
Be aware of the prosperity and good that will step forward for you this week… repeat… I am a PROSPEROUS being. All my GOOD lives everywhere around me and through me.
And so it is..

Vibrational Match to Prosperous Manifesting

I am a vibrational match to PROSPEROUS manifesting! Words have weight. Words become energy matches for materialization. Let these be the repeating words you would like to create your manifesting match with…. I am a vibrational match to prosperous manifesting.

March can be a month of turning up the volume to your manifesting field that is ready to come alive with favorable conditions for you. Invite your energy match to receive and be in the good fortunate of the inherent abundance that is ready to supply your good. Repeat at 3 times (three is a manifesting number) throughout the day and set the energy field for a rich prosperous week.
Beautiful Blessings await.

Connected to Everything Mantra

I am connected to EVERYTHING I need! This simple mantra breaks the illusion of lack or blockages. Instantly aligning with the principle that we live not in a withholding universe. Connect to the miraculous serendipitous nature of life, try repeating this mantra at least 3 times with your eyes closed, daily. You are worthy of receiving what you need for your best well-being. Pull on the energy from wherever it is… you are connected to EVERYTHING you need. Let this mantra boost your week with the energy to materialize a something fabulous!

I Am Within My Transformation Mantra

MONDAY MANTRA: I am within my transformation!
We are all actively in some phase of important transformation. It doesn’t matter what area of ourselves or our lives we are evolving a change with… often, we berate ourselves as if we aren’t making the necessary progress needed at the rate we think is enough. The truth is you are closer than you think.
It’s unfolding.
You are already within the transformation being done.
Trust the process regardless of how it looks today.
Grab your power.
Repeat the mantra: I am WITHIN my transformation!
It’s happening.

I Love My Life Mantra

I Love My Life & My Life Loves Me Back!

Love is the highest vibration and naturally accelerates the law of attraction in action. Let this mantra settle into every cell of your being. Embrace and energize the well-being AND the miraculous impact that LOVE empowers!! Simply stating the mantra… I LOVE MY LIFE sets into motion the matching vibration for your LIFE TO LOVE YOU BACK! Immediate shifts of life-affirming congruence for your heart’s desires will start to shape changes. Take the time to state the mantra at least 3 times… morning… noon… night.

Let this week bring you expanded empowering LOVE.

I Love MySelf Mantra

MONDAY MANTRA: I Love MySelf! All healing. Transformations. Expansions. Resolutions desiring to be lived into reality will result from the source of love. Divine love.
As many times as possible for the next 7 days repeat. Again & again. Morning and night. Speak the mantra… I Love MySelf. Declare it as if you are etching a permanent vow upon your soul. A whole set of miraculous energies will seed shifts of magical new beginnings into your life, your body, your relationships, your opportunities … your world. Whenever your mind wanders toward thoughts that feel disheartening repeat the words … I Love MySelf … as the deep lingering language of pure truth.

I Am Worth It Mantra

I Am Worth It! I Am Worth It.
The answer is yes. You are worth it. Your life is saying… Yes… Yes… Yes. You are worth it.
Your heart is beating consistently the answer of…
Yes – Yes – Yes. You are worth it. Repeat the mantra…
I am worth it.
Whatever is coming up for you now. Let this mantra guide you. You are worth it.
Place your hand over your heart… feel your heartbeat… get in rhythm and in sync with your natural – YES. That is what your heartbeat is saying over and over again.
Yes. Yes. Yes.
Anchor the mantra… I am worth it. Whenever you feel doubt or fear rattle you. Close your eyes and let your heartbeat remind you of the YES that is already alive and beating your heart with an unwavering YES and repeat… I am worth it.
Because you are.
Worth it.

I Trust My Expansion Mantra

I Trust My Expansion.

There is something new and beautiful that is ready to expand for you. Let the expansion happen with ease and grace. Align with the trusting nature of the universe to support you. Abundance. Love. Opportunity. Relationships. Health. Well-Being.

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