Magical Manifesting Mantra

I am open to magical manifesting moving toward me. You can lift up faith today with the magical joy of the Universe. Pick a troublesome issue or life area you would like to have something magical to manifest for you. Now surrender the heavy weighted issue to the Universe and repeat… I am open to magical manifesting moving toward me!
Step up in a new way today… out of hiding/holding back… reach out/open up to receive as you speak the mantra three times with arms open wide. Try this three times daily for the next week and you will have something magical manifest for you. Speak the words for magical manifesting will move toward you.
Everything is negotiable with life. Free yourself from the weight of something heavy-hearted to the Universal Source of light to create magical manifestations. May is a manifesting time. Let this mantra lift toward your inspired intentions and dreams… I am open to magical manifesting moving toward me.

Favorable Outcome Mantra

MONDAY MANTRA: I am in the light of favorable outcomes!
Find as many opportunities today and the rest of the week to repeat the mantra of FAVORABLE OUTCOMES!
Connecting to the deeper trust of life’s flow reduces the noise of fear and brings to light the natural good that inspires favorable outcomes. Lean into the faith that naturally follows favorable outcomes. Speak to it. Let it wash over you. Follow you. Surround you. Be with you.
Life naturally desires to be in harmony of favorable outcomes. Open yourself to the gift you are worthy of receiving. May your day and week be filled with the light of favorable outcomes! Breath. Smile. And receive.

Healthy Empower Direction Mantra

Today, I receive what is healthy, right and empowering for me! Today, I receive what is healthy, right and empowering for me. Honor you. Honor your essential self that is always guiding you in the right direction. Fully allow yourself to receive what is right for you....

Peace By Peace I Reach Mantra

Peace by Peace – I Reach! You are connected to everything you need to instantly be filled with peace. Be in a state of a “peace by peace” momentum. In a deep breath. In a shift of thought. In a change of perspective… in a smile… or in the simple act of giving a hug. Keep reaching and connecting with your day peace by peace.
No matter what your day or week encounters use this powerful mantra… “Peace by Peace – I Reach” it will sharpen your focus and invite your inspiring presence and guidance to lead you to all your next best intentions of self-love, kindness, connection and your well-being!

Grace Mantra

MONDAY MANTRA: I am inside my GRACE! We all each have our own lane of GRACE. Allow yourself to be in the ease and flow of your GRACE {yes, GRACE with all capitals}. Let every cell of your being radiate in the presence of GRACE that is already present and connected with you. It’s miraculous. It’s Divine. It’s a miracle maker and shaper.
Everywhere you go and everything you touch today moves with you and through you in your lane of GRACE.
{Breath it in and let it be.}
Be witness to the miracles unfolding forward for you inside your lane of GRACE. All our best manifesting intentions come forward with ease and grace.
Be inside yours because you are.

It’s My Time Mantra

It’s my time. It’s my turn. I say yes — I am ready to take the next step!
Use this power mantra to help you move into action, to not delay or avoid by holding yourself back. Welcome your day into synchronicity, create meaningful momentum, open yourself up to a beautiful new opportunity, let something miraculous unfold, take the next best step…
You can use this mantra as a powerful reminder to boost yourself with the courage to show up. Place your hand over your heart and repeat {{ It’s my time. It’s my turn. I say yes — I am ready to take the next step. }}
Something magical awaits you.
Go for it.
It’s your time.
It’s your turn.
Step forward to receive.

Filled With Enthusiasm Energy for Today Mantra

MONDAY MANTRA: Filled with enthusiasm, I energize today! Start your mornings with this extremely powerful mantra. You will instantly and automatically receive feel an energy rise simply by repeating this mantra slowly and fully to embody…
Filled with enthusiasm, I energize today.
All your highly favorable good will move faster toward you in the synchronizing energy field of enthusiasm. Want more energy? Or an instant energy burst? How about a morning surge of energy to set the tone for the day…. try super-charging the mantra message with water.
As you take a drink of water, repeat the mantra slowly and silently in your mind…
Filled with enthusiasm, I energize my body, my mind and today! Another way of saying this mantra is… I am showing up alive, vibrant, present, filled with charisma and ready to embrace my life fully with no fear. Bring it.
Try a simple meditational moment with water while repeating the mantra for your next energy surge!
Namaste, Anne

Receive My Miracle Mantra

MONDAY MANTRA: I am connected to miracles…I am present to receive! I am connected to miracles… I am present to receive! Chant it. Breathe it. Repeat it. Receive it. The universal thread of LIFE connection has miracles for you. Let your focus this week be fully open to receive. Strengthen your receiving posture. Be present to receive the miracle connected to you. Namaste, Anne

Prosperity Courage Mantra

MONDAY MANTRA: My courage leads me into PROSPEROUS Possibilities! There is a place we can pull from for our courage and it doesn’t have to feel so hard. Speak to your courage today, it’s already in you ready to be a bit bolder, stronger and ready to EXPAND, one step at a time!
Find your one step of courage to take and let it lead your week toward prosperous possibilities! You are worthy of prosperous possibilities let the innate courage in you, lead you!

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