New Moon. New Month. April Activation. Abundance Acceleration. Something is at the edge to expand. What are you willing to set into motion? Create a powerful practice/ritual with 7 easy steps Manifesting New Moon Ritual.
The new is here. April is the Pink Moon. What is in your heart now… ready to make new? We have been in a process of healing and revealing. Personally and collectively. Now, something new is ready to activate. And abundance is ready to accelerate.
3 Energy Focuses for April New Moon:
1. April Activation. A new energy-momentum is ready to spring forward. What have you been needing to create or make a move with? All the healing and revealing has been powering up a transformation of magnitude. Acknowledge. Name. Make the move with intention what is something completely new showing up for you.
2. Abundance Acceleration. Starting the new moon on this moon and in a whole new energy season, you can super-charge a shift and change for whatever has been constricted to unleash a floodgate of energy. Your willpower to show up and take action will automatically open the abundance doors for you.
3. Create & Make Movement. Nothing about this time is dormant. It’s time to tune into the intentions. Initiate your passionate fire of heartfelt truth. What’s the movement ready for you? Be bold. Audacious in action. Authentic alignment. Express the energy into expansion.
A reservoir of rich abundance is waiting to match your manifesting actions, intentions, and creations. Make your move.
This is a highly sensitive time to set some real grounded serious intentions wanting to be activated alive. No more holding back, playing small with your intentions feeding your dreams.
Pen to paper. Antenna to God/Source/Universal Loving Presence/Creation. Create your manifesting ritual of momentum for April.
Find some sacred time first few days of April, over the weekend, and let your ritual release the abundance activation ready for you.
Let it Be
Let it BeCome.

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