How’s Your Giving & Receiving Balance?

Striking that balance between giving and receiving.

You have the right to receive.

You are worthy to receive.

Yet, often it is easier in concept than in life reality if you have developed strong over generous giving muscles. How strong are your receiving muscles? Join the conversation, as we explore the aspects of giving and receiving and how your life’s breath depends on it.

Quit? Or Keep Going? Time for a Course Correction? Or Not?

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We can get caught in the “in between” land of life.

Not quitting when we should.

Quitting when we should keep going.

Both have incredible power to shape the overall quality of our life. Join the conversation as we explore how there is a time to change the course and there is a time to stay the course. Get clarity to know what is right for you.

The Power of Honesty

What is truth?

What is honesty?

How we use these powerful aspects of processing life determines so much of our happiness. Honesty is the building block for good self-respect and healthy relationships. Perceptions can get clouded by fear, ego or our own lack of ability to look at certain areas of life. Misconceptions with honesty can be devastating to our own well being.