Full Moon Ritual

August 18th, 2016

The transformational eclipse energy cycle begins on this full moon. It’s time to create a ritual for transformation of what is ready for you now. 

Begin by shining the light on what needs releasing and relinquishing in the relational area of your life. Energetically, our humanity has been moving through major changing times with RELATIONSHIPS. 

All it takes is a reflection of the past few months to know what has been the area of significant change in your relationship area. Look at how you have been relating to someone or some life situation. Use this relinquishing time of the full moon to connect into your soul’s illuminating path toward relational peace with someone or something. 

Look to the long held life patterns that are now ready to be released and lived with new inspired action.

You can participate in a Miraculous Full Moon Ritual anytime in the next few days for the benefits of transformational energy this cycle brings. 

AUGUST Miraculous Full Moon Focus:

What life condition do you need to release? Forgive? Relinquish? Surrender? Karmic conditions of old past patterns or conditions are now ready to change for you. Are you ready to clear the path to see what’s new and ahead for you on your path? Give sacred connection and purification time to your soul’s spiritual housekeeping.

The clearing space will make room for new insights to inspire your empowering energy for the necessary changes you are making. You are making more progress than you give yourself credit. You can breathe in new life and be inspired with your life’s next energy cycle. Be kind to yourself during all these changes.

This will be the beginning of the eclipse transformational energy season, and you can ride this wave of change that is already naturally moving with you as we enter the eclipse season ahead. Give yourself the ease and grace of change with your soulful intentions to clear and make space for the changes you seek.

Lighten your load. Illuminate your path, and it will increase your life’s confidence and stamina to propel you deeper into the miraculous conditions for the energy changes you need on your journey.

You are ready. 
Shine on ~

August 2016 Full Moon Summary Intention

by Anne Ribley | 15 Minutes

Create Your Signature Soul Stamina Plan!

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