Manifesting New Moon Ritual

  January 9th/10th 2016

Give yourself the gift of incredible manifesting momentum with the Manifesting New Moon Ritual.

As 2016 opens a new cycle for resolution and change, we all start the new year with intention to be better than before. Attention to our intentions will lay the foundation for the structures and boundaries we want to transform for the upcoming year. 

PLUS, right now it’s important to know that Mercury has just gone retrograde for this new moon cycle (as Mercury passes closest to the Earth, between the Earth and the Sun). Energetically, it will feel like a slowing down of manifesting momentum. This happens as a gift of re-calibration, allowing us to make necessary adjustments with systems and communications currently in our lives.

Each of us can use this cycle to help shape our intentions for 2016. The next few weeks are going to serve us as checkpoints of change to help stop us from struggling against ourselves.

You can welcome new waves of clarity, healing and transformation for what life is asking of you by building a structure of stronger sustainability with your intentions that support you this new year.

Ask yourself these very important questions:
What is life asking of me most right now, at this time?
How can I best support the change?
What structures or systems need to be put in place to uphold the support and sustain the change?
How can I connect more strongly to my truest core self for the change?
What boundaries do I need to have in place on the inside of my life?
What boundaries do I need to have in place outside of my life?

Create your “Manifesting New Moon Ritual”  by bringing the light to your hopes and dreams for the year of 2016. Create congruence for your own manifesting momentum.

Let your manifesting momentum be sustainable to your soul’s truest desires for 2016. Uncover the core of your heart’s truth. You cannot fake the core of you. It’s the real power place speaking to your life.

Finding the clarity from your core will help light the way to your 2016 being filled with your personal prosperity prophecy.

Join the global movement of collective consciousness by participating in the Manifesting New Moon Ritual, bringing light to your hopes and dreams this weekend.

Use this powerful time to align to the best LIFE you want to manifest forth this new year! 
Shine on ~

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