Welcome, First New Moon 2021. Create your Manifesting Ritual with the New Moon. Open the focus for what is ready to be created as your manifesting miracles in 2021.

Be still and hear the truth of what is next for you. It’s time for stepping into new beginnings in a big true way.

In this powerful cycle of change, we can propel prosperity forward. Let the spiritual practice and creational manifesting ritual during the new moon ritual boost your dreams into alignment. Activate your inner and outer synergy. The moon is the timekeeper of the earth’s cycles and seasons that keep life moving in a rhythmic pattern.

Focus for First New Moon of 2021:

1. POWER PLACEMENTS. Where are you placing your power? Where do you need to shift with some power placements? In one very strong specific life area? Do you have several? Personally and collectively we are shifting power positions and placements. The decisions and commitments we make personally and collectively on where power is being placed are shaping us.

2. FOCUS & FREQUENCY. We are asking the big questions on how we are using our time, power, energy and where are we placing the focus and how is that focus forming the vibrational frequency into the world. What are the next inspiring intentions & steps for you?

3. COMMITMENTS & NEW OPENINGS. The energy is ready for us to now align our focus with the new commitments that match our inner resolves then outer resonating powers will synchronize new openings. It’s time for the story change and it happens in this cycle with how you open the new chapter to a new book/story.

Right now is a potent powerful cycle of naming and claiming for 2021. If you haven’t identified what is your energizing word for this 2021 cycle ahead. Now is the time to crystallize the claiming of it.

“It’s better to light a candle than curse the darkness….”

Now more than ever place your focus is needed on the light of new creation. Create your #NewMoonRitual for 2021.
Pen to paper, antenna to God/Life/Universe.
Light your candle and declare fully “BeCome”!
Let your light shine into the world!
My 2021 connection energy word is _______.
I am deeply worthy and deserving to be ___________.
Let it be!
Let your inner light shine.
Shine On-

Thank you for all who were able to participate with the LIVE Event for New Moon Finding Your Focus & Frequency for 2021. REPLAY available below.

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