~ JULY 19th ~


Full Moon 

Tune in to your answers, and learn what is ready to be released. Find your freedom in forgiveness, transformation and renewal. Reveal the next powerful stepping stones for you! 

Create the clearing space for the inspiring endeavors ready to be lived by YOU! They are calling to you, whispering in your heart. Release the past that holds you back and weigh you down. 

Lighten your life’s load, and let forgiveness illuminate your path.

“The practice of forgiveness is our most important contribution to the healing of the world.”

~ Marianne Williamson

JULY Miraculous Full Moon Focus:

Something has been building in you. A new order of inner and outer balance for yourself. Have you felt the energy pressing at you? You have been contemplating the changes you know you are ready to make. The shifts may be small or big, however, they will be significant for your needs and growth. Shine the light to unblock the constrictions of your spirit’s desire to shine. Unblock. Expand. Reach for the release and renewal.

Movement toward your own life’s maturity will unblock masculine energy patterns (energy of movement) from long ago. You can find freedom in this lunar healing cycle. The full moon brings the balance of the yin and yang energy. Release patterns around traumas, grievances and long held constriction around the masculine “yang” energy patterns of your life. Look to significant male figures who have had impact on your life. (A father, a male partner, or any important relationship of a male with a sense of domination around you, recently or in the past.) Let it go. Miraculous healing awaits.

Release the constriction, and new inspirations will guide your actions to what is next. Whatever has been a longtime cause of avoidance or denial will move into the light of action for you. The full moon is going to shed light of something deeply healing for you. A gift. A way. A direction. Opportunities you need will open as you do the clearing of inner space for them.

You can participate in a Miraculous Full Moon Ritual anytime in the next few days. 

Let this boosting cycle of energy be a powerful healing time to connect more deeply and fully with life’s natural aligning rhythmic cycles. Thrive in harmony with each other and LIFE.
Let Go. 

Weed out toxic emotions. Unhook unhealthy patterns.

Do a spiritual housekeeping for your soul. Forgive and release so that you can move into the light of your transforming good.


July Full Moon Intention Audio

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