This new moon highlights the energy for the second half of 2021 for defining direction with the dreams ahead.
What is it for you?
What is now in its’ time for you to head towards?
Boldly with confidence even with uncertainty because it is time.
Draw the line.
Make the decision.
Give permission to yourself to be in your honest heart.
July Focus for Emotionally Energetic New Moon:
1. HONEST HEART REFLECTIONS & INTENTIONS are what has been pushing forward. The season here is for honest heart reflections to give you brave bold moves for the momentum that will carry the second half of 2021.
2. LIGHT UP NEW DREAMS. SHOW UP WITH BOLD MOVES. Clarity. Honesty. Connection to true heart matters is here. Drop into what is real and true for you be prepared to show up with bold moves to make the momentum. Priority is your permission pass. Make the time to get clear. What are you so ready to light up with new dreams for 2021?
3. PLANNING THE PROGRESS. Create your plan for what is in its time to show up and shine through in your life. Be prepared to make BOLD moves and when you are clear on the connection and direction. Dreams will light themselves alive. Create the plan. Follow the plan. Progress will move for you.
Write it right (pen to paper - antenna to God/Universe/Source) and light your candle for the new dreams stirring inside ready to come to life.
Shine on ~

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