Miraculous Full Moon

~ June 20th ~

It’s happening precisely in alignment with the Solstice time. What does that mean for you? It is a powerful energetic window of time that has not happened in over 70 years. The longest day of sunlight (Summer Solstice) followed by the bright light of the full moon night. 

Feel the light. 
Be with the light. 
Let the light loosen and surrender what is ready to be brought to the light. Let haunting energies that are attached to the past be released and dissolved in the light.

Deep karmic entangling energies have been shaken up recently and have become a natural healing way to freedom. Let the light transform any area of your life where you have felt something deeply pressing or any form of heaviness such as anger, resentment, darkness, strong patterns of resistance, painful traumas or hurtful conditions. Now is the time to turn strongly to the light. 

The simple spiritual practice of the Miraculous Full Moon Ritual can heal your heart and lift your spirit. It works for anyone at any age and in any culture. Welcome the miraculous light of healing and grace.

3 Focus Steps for Miraculous June Full Moon Ritual:

1. FIERCELY TURN OVER FALSEHOODS & FEARS TO THE LIGHT: Surrender and release any life aspect that needs to find light for healing. Write it right - Pen to Paper (Antenna to God, Universe, Life, Source, Universal Loving Presence) Your transformation is taking place now. 

2. HIDDEN HURTS WILL HEAL: You can claim the release of all your hidden hurts. Hurts that have been hidden will heal. Allow the thriving light of transforming good to cleanse your soul.

3. SURRENDER TO YOUR SIGNIFICANT SHIFT: Pains, hurts, and energetic entanglements that have stirred in your life recently are your call to the powerful shift taking place. You are evolving into a truer version of what your life wants you to become. Embrace the energy. Surrender. Open to what you are clearing the way to become. Stand and expand in the light of you.

The simple spiritual practice of the full moon ritual heals and transforms. Let this be a reminder to take the sacred time to shine.
Let your journey be brighter and lighter!
Shine on ~

June 2016 Full Moon and Solstice

by Anne Ribley | 15 Minutes

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