March 17th/18th

Manifesting New Moon

You can welcome this powerful weekend by taking time to reflect and connect to your March dreams and manifesting desires. Now begins a powerful cycle to spring forth prosperity with your New Moon Ritual. 

Let this weekend place you in the powerful transformational position of stepping into a new chapter and a new cycle that holds prosperity.
Use the spiritual practice of the Manifesting New Moon Ritual to reset yourself. Energies circulating around sadness, disappointment, scarcity, lack, or feelings of repeating stuckness can be transformed with new healing growth that promotes your natural prosperity.

March Manifesting New Moon Focus:

1. Wisdom Nourishes the Growth From the Deeper Wounds.
Any long-held wounds that have been activated are signaling a new found wisdom of healing growth. Take time this weekend to embrace your new intentions, dreams and hopes around the growth ready to come through for you. Now is your time; don’t deny, delay or doubt the worthiness of the transforming wisdom that is emerging for you.

2. Living Into Your Future Vision.
It’s time to “write it right”. Antenna to Source, God, the Divine, the life you are desiring to manifest into reality. Call it into being.

Oprah has shared that she began reciting Maya Angelou’s poem, Phenomenal Women. She says, “I didn’t believe I was a phenomenal woman. I spoke it into being. What I wish I knew then is the power of speaking my future self into being.”

Call your future forth. Let this new moon cycle of new beginnings and a new season be a source for nourishing the prosperous self-worth that is ready to be lived by you.

3. Rituals to Empower Prosperity of Well-Being and Life.
Let the clarity of your rituals that you are living out everyday empower prosperity. Look deeper into your rituals. Are you acting out rituals of lack? Rituals of scarcity? Rituals of not- enough? Reflect on your rituals that promote true self-worth and prosperity. Honor the spirit of you.

Begin this weekend by creating your New Moon Ritual around your worthy self and the manifestations ready for you.

Set your manifesting intentions.
Create the clearing space.
Light your candle.
Bring the light to what is ready to manifest now.

Shine on ~

March Manifesting New Moon Intention

by Anne Ribley | 15 Minutes

Creating Sacred Space

by Anne Ribley | Meditative Words & Music for Rituals