I listen. I love. I connect.

The noise of the world has shifted into new shapes, sounds, and transmissions.

The inward listen is essential. Foundational.

The inward listen is the deeper connection seeking sustenance to sustain the spirit of the times. Surrender to the stillness and silence of what is true.

Allow the fears and future tauntings be tamed within the inner knowing present to the truth of all things and LIFE. Lean into the love right here, right now. Beyond the right or wrong doings of future fears and feelings haunted by the past. The space and place of connection that fortifies the foundation of all-knowing. Present. Alive. Here for you.

I have been repeating this mantra multiples times a day to be here and to hear the truth as it whispers within the rhythm of my heart and sound of my soul. The stability that is here for me to hold me, and guide me to my truest home. Tell me the truth of future times coming alive in the blooming of life ahead.

May you find comfort. Connection. Truth. In today’s mantra… I listen. I love. I connect.

♥️ Namaste, Anne

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