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Shifting into Your Manifesting Cycle

by Anne Ribley | Shifting into Your Manifesting Cycle

Manifesting New Moon, Thursday October 23rd with “Transformational Eclipse Energy”! Yes, instead of the new moon disappearing into the light, it will eclipse with visability against the sun. What’s the transformational energy available for you to gain during this powerful new moon time?

Potent energy for the long term manifestations of your heart’s real desires. However it doesn’t come without the deep internal preparation (nurturing the soil of the soul). Aligning energies moving you toward the light of your hopes and dreams by FIRST walking through the shadow versions of the “self” that have been blocking the way.

This new moon’s energy typically resembles what occurs around the time of the full moon with darker or heavier energies in nature. However, this new moon holds two parts, it will be full and dark with light surrounding the moon’s darkness. Naturally symbolizing your own entry into the light by way of the dark first.

If you have felt shadows of the self haunting you in any capacity, a second guessing stirring in you or just feeling out of sorts with something. You are actually being called into a deeper alignment and harmony with yourself. Something beautiful and balancing is happening for you right now. If you are willing to go to the inner depths of your more actualized self then transformation will be your welcomed gift awaiting you.

Plus, add within the mix of this unique eclipsing new moon, Mercury is Retrograde as well. The whole cosmic combination invites introspection, reflection of what is deeper and true to your heart’s desires, even without your conscious invitation because nature’s natural rhythm and cycles are seasoning the NATURE of YOU!

You are connected to everything you need to heal, transform, manifest, hope for and dream about in your heart’s desires.

“You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the entire ocean in a drop.” ~Rumi

Join the global movement of collective consciousness for participating in the Manifesting New Moon Ritual bringing light to your hopes and dreams. Use this powerful time to align to the best LIFE wants to manifest forth for you!
Shine on ~
Heart Smiles,

P.S. Mercury Retrograde (my take on it here) last until October 25th and communication will become clearer and manifestations will speed up again so align to your intentions, hopes, prayers wishing and dreams starting now.

Be sure to do your Manifesting New Moon Ritual today, tomorrow or the next!


    1. Create a sacred space with meditative music.
    2. Write a list of what you want to “Become and Be” in your life.
    3. Write down the new intentional changes or growth you would like to bring forth in your life. Write it right, pen to paper (antenna to God, Source) with prayerful intention. 
    4. Read and allow what you wrote to absorb and infuse into you, fold it and place next to the candle! Write the one word that summarizes the energy, you would like to create. You can put the word on your list or write it on your candle.
    5. Light the tealight or prayer candle and speak the words out loud… BeCome!
    6. Sit meditatively with your candle lit, hold sacred space inside for at least 11 minutes. If you use a tea light you can let it blow on its own or you blow the candle out and watch your prayers rise up to the world.
    7. Allow and surrender to miraculous manifestations on their way!

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