Release. Transform. Claim your connection to what’s right for you. It’s time. Let. It. Go. (5 easy steps to the Miraculous Full Moon Ritual here)

Most all of us are now actively recovering from some life area(s) that has stretched us for tremendous growth and expansion. We are finally coming up for some breathing space to clear the heaviness from the massive retrograde period placed upon on our paths for the past several months. The constriction and restriction will be relieved as we course correct our paths.

This equinox energy provides a powerful window of opportunity to massively upgrade our consciousness, clearing and claiming the needed expansion. The equinox is a time of year when day and night are in equal balance. It serves as a power-time to call into balance our own equilibriums. Wherever we have been weighed down, a lifting, a tilting toward our time of harvest is happening. Lean into your release to receive your harvest.

Now is the time to claim what is yours, to harvest anew in your life.

During this power-time give yourself the sacred gift of intention to release, so you can allow the new beginnings and new blessings to come in with your expanded/upgraded connection of consciousness.

September Equinox Energy Focus Full Moon:

1. SURRENDER THE STRUGGLE. All the effort-ing. Lots of energy exertion has been heavy for many. Where have you felt a life struggle screaming for attention? Health? Relationship(s)? Money/Finances? Career? Opportunities? Homelife? It’s time to let go of all the striving and struggle. Energy relief is here, if you claim it for yourself. Allow the burdens of hurt, pain, suffering and struggle to be laid down and released. There is a new energy ready to come forward to you as you clear the heaviness of recent demands that are pressing on you for transforming growth.

2. TRUTH. TRUST. TRANSFORM. The growing truth of what life area is growing stronger in alignment is present now. You feel the clarity connection. You feel, know and recognize more of what is true for you. Release all heavy energy that has been holding you down and blocking your greater thrust to transform into your expanding truth. Write it right with a ritual of release. Pen to paper — antenna to God — Universe during this power-time of the full moon illuminating with equinox energy.

3. EMBRACE YOUR HARVEST OF EXPANSION. You are worth it. You are enough. Clear what is draining and depleting. Claim your divine birthright… you are enough. The light of your soul is always ready to shine. Let the rhythm of nature remind you that your life’s light is always ready to shine on your path, your next steps of expansion. Whatever has felt hard or heavy is ready for lifting and light. Name and claim your release. Give yourself the boost of right action, and let energy expand into your personal season of equinox powered harvest time.
Shine on~

September Full Moon 2018 Energy

by Anne Ribley | 15 Minutes

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