~ Manifesting New Moon September 20th, 2017 ~  

Inspire Your Hopes and Dreams Into Life.

Right now begins a powerful cycle to propel prosperity forward, your manifesting good. Let the spiritual practice and manifesting new moon ritual boost your dreams into alignment. Pen to paper, antenna to God, Source, Universe. You can write it right and bring to the light. Let your life’s manifesting intentions be brought forward.

This month is all about showing up for your dreams, showing up for your truth, and showing up for your new season of manifesting. Receive the gift of the harvest of good for the deep work you have been doing in preparation for your own synchronistic support to come through.

Name and claim what is yours to be and become. Let prosperity propel your path.

September New Moon Focus:

1. HOPE, STRENGTH, AND NEW UNDERSTANDING. You are filling up with a renewal of hope and strength that is being fueled and energized with new understanding to help carry you, inspire you, and enliven you. Let your life take on the new shape that is calling you into your future dreams that are now ready and waiting for you.

2. WE ARE CONNECTED. WE BELONG TO EACH OTHER. If you have been feeling alone, either personally or collectively, know that times are shifting. A sense of togetherness is waking up. Your sense of longing to know your place of belonging in your life is awakening up more every day. Reach out and open up more fully to your life’s longings. Lean into them, including others.

3. DIRECTING YOUR TURNING POINTS TO TRUTH. You have been feeling your turning points in some significant life area. Relationship? Money? Home? Career? Purpose? Family? Worldly Events? You have been literally placed in the space of facing your own turning points. You are being called to step toward truth, your authentic essence of soul-inspired truth. Hold the sacred space to simmer deeper into your life’s new season. Let your hopes and dreams come to life.

Light your candle. Speak “BeCome”.
Let your manifesting intentions propel your prosperous path forward.
You are worthy to nourish and receive your hopes and dreams.
Shine on ~

September New Moon Intention Audio

by Anne Ribley | 15 Minutes