SUPER Full Moon

Tuesday, October 27th 




Now is your time to boost your healing transformation with the last SUPER Full Moon of 2015. 

This will be the third consecutive SUPER Full Moon giving a natural boost of completion to heal and transform a powerful new cycle of change for you. Long time patterns and blockages will give way to a liberating release.

Take the time to “write it right” with pen to paper, antenna to God. Release, liberate, and transform with the Miraculous Full Moon Ritual. 

1. REFLECT + RELEASE on what major significant change or life area is showing up for you. Get clear. Get specific. RELEASE Let it go. Lighten your load. Let everything that doesn’t serve your best life go and be released.

2. LIBERATE with the Miraculous Full Moon Ritual the cycle that has now reached completion for your new beginnings. Liberate yourself into the powerful new possibilities ready to open up for you. Breathe easier and lighter in your life. Feel the clearing all around you.

3. TRANSFORM your life right now with this simple spiritual practice that boosts transforming results. Touch deeper your soul’s connection to your life.

On the other side of your clearing and release, a new cycle/season begins. Do you have the courage to release the dramas, the stories, the deeply held hurts, the stagnations that block your deepest happiness that is ready to shine brighter? 

What new chapter is ready to be written?
Let your light shine, and allow the transformation to liberate you.



by Anne Ribley | 18 minutes

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