New Moon Prayer on April, 22, 2020 (4-4-4). Marks a very stabilizing energy combination on the calendar with the New Moon. Let’s join together around the world with a Collective Prayer of Hope, Light & Well Being. 7 Easy Steps to the New Moon Ritual.

April has been a BIG Awakening Month. There is no question that our personal and collective energetics are happening right now in the awakening that is accelerating our humanity together.

I have been sharing actively for over 6 years now the power of the new moon prayer as a personal and collective Prayer Movement of Hope, Light & Well Being for our intentions. It’s nature’s natural synchronization. The ocean tides rely on the magnetic moon movement to stay healthy and not get stagnant with toxic stuck energy that will breed dis-ease and breakdown.

So many people are suffering right now as tides of life make a shift. Let’s create a collective prayer wave worldwide. Around the world, we can bring our hearts and souls together in prayerful intentions.

Let’s create a cascade of a million lights on around the world for the April New Moon. The more we roll out our prayers and intentions around the world in the next 72 hours the more we create a wave of possibility that ignites the light of hope.

April’s New Moon Cycle Brings:

1. STABILIZING ENERGY. Pull your attention to what is at your foundational footing to stabilize in your presence, posture, and power.

2. RESTRUCTURING SHIFTS. There is a new relationship in the Me & We of life as life is refining new boundaries on so many fronts.

3. POWER REINVENTION. The current Emergency. Is calling forth a new Emergent Agency that translates personally and collectively with the way power is being structured. Time to strengthen your inner authority with your power to author your life.

Show up in whatever way holds sacredness for you. Together, we are stronger. We can collectively connect with the intention of hope and well-being in the purest form to transform into reality visions filled with hope and inspired intentions. Hope isn’t a cliche it is the very foundation of “divine will” infused in the soul for the spark of life to thrive. Let’s embrace the deepest form of hope in our prayers, intentions, and visions to directly connect to the miraculous impact here for us to transform reality.
Let’s shine bright.

Namaste, Anne

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