New Moon + New Month + New Momentum is happening as the retrogrades complete. If the past month has felt low & still be ready for the energy shift. 7 easy steps to New Moon Ritual.
You will feel a movement and pace picking up for some forward-moving progress. What has been up for you to claim? Create? Become? The new story for 2022 is emerging. What is ready for you?
February Focus for the New Moon
1. FRESH START: A new slate is clearing for the new story emerging with a fresh start. Your focus on how to embrace a fresh start will steer the direction of your path forward. What is the fresh start you need at this time? In what direction? In what way?
2. FORWARD FOCUS: As the manifesting movement takes on increased momentum where is your forward focus? Are you clear on what you want? Name and claim the intentions worthy of your focus. How will you hold the frequency around your focus? Will you move in the forward direction of hopes, dreams, and new intentions ahead? Or in the rearview mirror looking back?
3. INITIATING INTENTIONS: Spark the intentions ready to ignite. The feel is real. What intentions are ready to initiate a change for you? Be worthy and bold to claim it. Use the power of pen to paper (Antenna to Universe/Source/God). Head to heart to hand, allow your truth to flow through.
All you have been through recently has brought you to this ripe moment to root for yourself in a real self-honoring way.
Nourish your worthiness to claim it.
Now is your time.
Not tomorrow or some faraway distant time and space.
Now is your time.
Shine in it ~

  Support Enhancements

Begins 2-2-2022








21 Days of Nourishing Worthiness.  Claim your worth. Live inside your inherent worthiness to unlock your greatest heartfelt dreams. Love. Abundance. Purpose. Peace. Meaning. Impact. Expansion.

  • Daily Guided Mantras With Audio
  • Immersive Meditation Experiences
  • Nourishing Worthiness Prompt Journal Guide
  • Optional Daily SMS/Mantra Messages
  • Starts 2-2-2022 and runs to 2-22-2022
  • Let Worthiness Move into Your 2022

“Life Visioning 2022 LIVE Event

Let the song of support sing through your body, mind, and soul.
You are worthy of support. Let it steep in. Support is a foundational structure of life.
Deepen your deserving nature to be supported.
The nature of LIFE is support.
You are worthy to be inside the stream of support you need.
Reach for ways to awaken your worthiness by allowing in the support.
Open yourself to receive support.
It could as simple as asking for help with something difficult you have been shouldering alone or by yourself. It can also be for reaching out if you feel lonely, isolated, or struggling. The mantra could serve as the life-enhancing proclamation for you to be provided the support you need (in any life area)! Nothing is off-limits in the supportive hands of life.
No matter what life situation you are in at this time, invite the power of support, you are worthy to receive.
Please say, know and affirm these 6 worthy words as an echo of your soul’s call… I am worthy to be supported.