The first New Moon of 2020 is here bringing in some settling energy after long stretches of immense growth. Take the magnetic manifesting energy this new moon cycles in with the power of your personal New Moon Ritual.

A fast-moving momentum of energy is stirring inward and outward for all of us. It’s ready to move forward with solid amplifying momentum for the whole year ahead. Let yourself get on the inside of the powerful energy surge here to help support you to live in a whole new way.


1. Stirring a Story Shift
There is a complete story shift around how you are showing up to your life. You have been doing the clearing for this moment. Claim and name the direction and dreams that are true to your heart. This is the time where all that has gone before is now over and all that is to begin is NOW. What is the story you are now choosing to create?

2. Expanding Energy Expression
Your energy expression holds the power to free you. Showing up has never stirred your soul like you are feeling now. Ride the powerful energetic wave of expressing yourself with the integrity of what is real to you, not someone else, not society, not obligations, not conditioning… you. What wants to be realized and created in a new expanded reality for you? This is the year and era of expanding energy expression. Be with all your power of your voice and choice to propel the life inside your heart-filled dreams.

3. Deepening Deserving
It’s often thought of deepening your worthiness around your right to receive is a lack of self-love. However, you are now connection to what it means to honor yourself as an act of true self-love. You are feeling your deep inherent deserving nature to live the life that is yours.

Right now is a potent powerful cycle of naming and claiming for 2020. Create your “write it right” list (pen to aper - antenna to God, Source, Universe). If you haven’t identified what is your energizing word for this 2020 cycle ahead. Now is the time to crystallize the claiming of it.

✍️🗒 Let your synchronicity shine for those next right steps to give yourself the gift of the Manifesting New Moon Ritual to write the new chapters cycling into creation.

I am in my season/cycle of ________.
I am deeply worthy and deserving to be ___________.
My 2020 connection energy word is _______.
Let it be!
Light your candle and declare fully “BeCome”!
Let your light shine into the world!
Manifest your miracles.
Shine on ~

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