Tremendous transformational energy is here. What’s your big power shift pressing at you?

Power-packed energetic time throughout all of July. We start the month with a Total Solar Eclipse New Moon. Highly energizing time as each of us are being sent through our own ring of fire. The natural representation the New Moon Solar Eclipse gives is through the dark and into the light. Eclipsing the shadows blocking the way.

Are you being pressed forward into a whole way of being? How is this showing up for you?

Use this magic time to get unstuck and uplift yourself for the next up-level life, we are all being called to live. With this power month of book-end new moons, beginning and ending July with new moons. Literally, a cycle of endings and beginnings are peaking.

With Mercury Retrograde rolling in on the 7th of July and wrapping up on the on the July 31st, a New Moon. You can emerge with a whole new calibration.

July New Moon Solar Eclipse Energy Focus:

What’s the transformational energy available for you to gain during this powerful “Solar Eclipse - New Moon” time?

1. A Profound Cycle of Change. The deeper upleveling is happening whether we are ready or not as we are being asked to walk through the shadows needing to dissolve and dismantle. We can see it happening everywhere we turn in our own lives and in the world. The focus being brought forward is the doorway each of us are being called to change. The walls of falsehoods are falling down.

2. Let the Dismantling Dissolve. Structures and systems with outdated falsehoods and ways of twisting, manipulating, forcing, over-powering for gain are crumbling. Honor this sacred re-calibration time.

3. Allow Alignment in Your BeComing. Speak your heart’s source of truth. Pen to Paper (Antenna to Universe/Source/God) with ritual to write it right. Long standing obstacles will naturally fall away if you allow. Be true to your deeper BeComing to activate hopes and dreams realizing into reality.

Solidify and plant/ground the seeds of your up-leveling new dreams and inspiring intentions. Plant into your possibility energy field the inspiring energy word/phrase for lighting your candle during your personal New Moon Ritual.

You are an intentional spark of creation with an immeasurable innate capacity to become the remarkable YOU. Take the time to let your light shine in your heart’s treasures of truth.

Feel the miraculous impact that is happening.
You are already connected to what you need next.
It’s ready to come through you now.
Name it.
Claim it.
Clarity is power.
Now is the time.
Let the light of your dreams shine.
Shine on ~

Within all of us are the “masculine” and “feminine” energetics. We can easily see these energetics play out however, they are not specific to genders. We have both energies inside us.

It is up to each of us to have a good internal relationship with these energetics to live out our desired dreams.


Tuesday, July 2nd

Healing the Masculine Power Structure

Connect. Heal. Align. Together.

The day of the Total Solar Eclipse on the New Moon is an incredible potent time to step forth with “Healing the Masculine Power Structure”. The Total Solar Eclipse is about moving through what is ready to be eclipsed so you can move into your light and full life of dreams.

Connection is the fast track to create.