Highly magnetizing energy this New Moon brings.  Now is the time to connect with clarity to create the new chapters ahead. 7 Easy Steps to New Moon Ritual.  The energy carries the frequency of new found faith for the future.

Rewriting. Reviewing. Re-directing a new future. As many planets are in retrograde (4 planets) around this new moon is catalyzing clarity.

May’s New Moon Cycle Focus:

1. INNERMOST SELF SPEAKS. Fluff. Filter. Facade. All is falling to the ground for real integrity to build with creation. Our innermost self is surfacing the future, we want experienced.

2. PAIRING POSSIBILITIES. We are either feeling the pairing power multiplying our position or we feeling the pairing power polarizing within our position. Ask yourself, what energy do I want to pair with to expand my new possibilities?

3. EMERGENT AUTHORITY. The stark reality that we have to save ourselves by accessing our own inner authority is pressing us to deep dig.  Our own inner authority is emerging individually and collectively to find our way into the new future ahead.

Take sacred time and plant intentions of the seeds holding tomorrow’s dreams.
Pen to paper, antenna to God/Life/universe.
Ignite the light.
Shine Bright –

Special Super Moon Support Meditation

Empowering Abundance Meditation

by Anne Ribley | 15 Minutes