November New Moon ~ Let your voice speak visions for the future.

It’s a time to plant manifesting intentions, dreams & hopes. 7 easy steps New Moon Ritual.

Where are you being stretched? Something new wants to come through in your life and in the bigger stage of life. Bright and beautiful beginnings are here and will be supported.
What new seeds of intentions and dreams need to be planted to form an expanded future for you and the bigger world?
November New Moon Energy Focus:
1. CONNECTION TO NEW EXPANSIONS. Have you felt the stirring for more to expand in your life? What new connection(s) need to be formed to support the expansion? Push yourself out of your comfort zones to reach for the higher ground that is waiting for you.
2. SPEAK THE FUTURE FORMING. Your voice matters. What is in your heart is speaking to you. The time is now to shape and create the future forming with your words. Write it down. Speak it out. Share it. Every one of us are creating the future that is forming, let your dreams and desires lead.
3. VOICE VISIONS OF VICTORY. Your voice is a frequency sending a signal out into creation. Your visions are the focus of what’s next. This is a season to elevate your voice more strongly into your life. Victory is yours if you give your inner truth a voice to guide the way.
Write it right. Be it to the light with Pen to Paper - Antenna to God/Universe/Source and let the manifesting intentions of your hopes and dreams be planted.
Let Your Light Shine ~

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