February New Moon Focus:
1. Transforming Timelines. Re-elevating and recalibrating how your focus is invested in time and where is the timeline you are putting energy and focus forward in your life.
2. New Foundations. New big questions… where is your focus being placed? The old ways that held foundation of your life, how is it re-shaping? Or what is the new way you are placing your life energy on the foundation for your future… or some externally sourced foundation for your footing and grounded sense of being. 
3. Connection Charge. You will feel the charge in what wants to re-shape seeking a connection. What charge has been stirring in you? Focus the connection with the charge calling you forward in your dreams of your future.
Create sacred space for Miraculous New Moon Ritual and synchronize a powerful new focus in February. Write it right. Pen to paper. Antenna to God/Universe/Source.

 Support Enhancements

Empowering Abundance Meditation

by Anne Ribley | 15 Minutes

NOW AVAILABLE on your preferred music platforms… iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, GooglePlay for the Empower Abundance Meditation for streaming, download or to purchase.

Ready to feel focused?

Feeling the call to create/manifest something new for yourself?

Want to feel supported more fully for your goals?

I am offering the Soul Inspired Manifesting Series for the February Focus

This is going to be a special container for 1 Focus + 1 Goal + 1 Month with support.

Connection. Belonging. Community. Personal power. Focus. Faith. Activating inspired actions. Manifesting momentum. Meaningful impact. Intentions ignited. Dreams coming alive.

These are some of the very specific energies that will held in the container of the February Focus for an important goal you want to bring to life.

Feeling the call to bring something alive?

Want to be a part of the February with the Soul Inspired Manifesting Series?

Now - March 2nd, 2020. Last chance to join.

Interactive group calls weekly on Transformational Tuesdays, February - beginning of March.


I offered a LIVE Healers & Helpers Workshop today on the New Moon. Let’s activate and accelerate the way you can share and show up with your gifts, talents, wisdom and knowledge with the world. Now is your time.

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