April New Moon 2019 Insider

April 5/6th 2019 is Manifesting New Moon ~ You are worthy of manifesting your hopes and dreams, begin to align with your inspiring intentions now. Use 7 Easy Steps for the New Moon Ritual. What’s the new chapter for you? It will look nothing like anything you...

Mantra Absolutely Worthy of a Miracle Now

MONDAY MANTRA: I am absolutely worthy of a miracle now. Carry these powerful mantra words with you into 2019! Let these mantra words be a source of strength, allowing you to move closer to the absolute knowing that you were born out of miraculous impact. You will continue to unfold a life filled with… possibility… to match the miracles ready to be received by YOU!

Mantra Light of Soul Leads

MONDAY MANTRA: The Light of My Soul Leads Me. As we move into a new year. New chapters. New beginnings. This is the year of LIGHT. Light. LIGHT. Being light. Giving light.
✨Give the light of your soul permission to lead your life for 2019.

Mantra Trust in My Beautiful Life

I trust in my life.. & It’s beautiful.  The most powerful stance you can take today, tomorrow and always is to stand in the trust of your life. It holds the magic to move mountains. It’s the cosmic eraser of self-imposed fear and doubt. Liberates life to...

Mantra Grace Accept Connect

MONDAY MANTRA: I accept & connect to generous gifts of GRACE. Invite in the gifts of grace into your week to transform and unlock stuck doors with new possibilities.
Open hearts. Accepting hearts. Connecting hearts. Generous gifts of grace.

Claiming Worthiness

Life and circumstances rarely unfold in a straight chronological line exactly the way we want. It doesn’t matter who you are; we will all have those moments where we have to choose to honor true happiness, the happiness that is born of honoring and respecting our true...