~ June 4/5th ~

Manifesting New Moon 

You can welcome a powerful weekend of intention making for your manifesting dreams and possibilities with power of the New Moon Ritual. 

Now we enter the second half of this 2016 year.

What’s the energy intention you will bring?

Right now is a powerful cycle to breath in abundance. 
Connect to your alignment of abundance. 
Let this weekend place you into the powerful transformational position of expanding possibility. 
A breath of generous abundance.

Use the spiritual practice of the Manifesting New Moon Ritual to let any energies of disappointment, scarcity, lack, or feeling stuck be shifted into your light of possibility.

Let your life’s possibilities and dreams come to light. Shadows dissolve in the light. Now is the time.

JUNE Manifesting New Moon Focus:

Discerning the truth through clearing the communication. It’s now time for having a heart to heart of what you deeply desire to create, manifest with your heart’s truth. Having a heart to heart begins with your heart. Let the clarity of clearing the communication move you stronger in your core of certainty. Truth connects to certainty and builds soul stamina.

It’s an intense time of tuning into value. Core Values. Value of self. Value of self-love. Value of self-worth. Let this new moon cycle be a source of nourishing your soul with the truth of your life’s worthy value.

Follow the fresh new beginnings ready to support your path. No matter what karmic situation you find yourself in at this very moment. You can pull on the pivot moment of choice and change right now that gives magical rise to possibility.

Allow the higher position of possibility to expand your soul’s experience. Find sacred time this weekend to breath in the abundance of life that is desiring a fresh new beginning for you.

Write it right. (Pen to Paper - Antenna to God, Universe, Creation) 
Set your manifesting intentions. 
Create the clearing space. 
Light your candle. 
Bring the light to what is ready to manifest now.

Shine on ~


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