Turning Up The Love

Love authenticates. Love is good for the soul. Get in the business of knowing how to turn up love in your life. Be sure to opt into the Empower11 event happenings… as Empower11 Love comes to life. Turn the love in your life up to 11.

Getting Inside Your Life

Many times it can feel like we are outside of our lives. It can feel like the economic conditions, relationship strain or a dragging career are the factors determining whether our lives can thrive. Getting inside our lives is shift that makes all the difference. Here’s a video that shares some of my journey of getting back inside my...

Let’s Empower11 Together – Extended

We are in the greatest time to be alive. We have the ability to make miraculous transformations at our fingertips. Empower 11 is about getting into rapport with who we are on the inside and the matches possibility on the outside with our world. We are at a time in history where we are being called to a higher state of being and interaction. On the date 11.11.11 opened the doorway to real change in our greater state of being with each other and the world we live on. You are invited to help welcome the energy of 1111...