Extraordinary Relationship Rapport

Love, love, love the topic we explored on Empower11 Radio this week… Relationships! So much of our life happiness gets determined by the quality of our relationships.
Join the conversation as we explore. We get “up close and personal” with the topic. We discuss how to get into powerful rapport and connection with the relationships that truly matter for our life’s well-being.

Tribute Of Gratitude To Inspiring Mothers

Today, as I reflect on the actual birth day of my youngest child. I can’t help but feel a deeply moving gratitude for all those mothers who have inspired me along the way with their unwavering tenacity to protect, honesty to guide, “knowing” to mother, gift to give in times where true unselfish strength is needed and pure downright inspiration to do the right thing in the best interest of our children.

I am in LOVE!

I’m in love with the sweet new babies being born! I am in love with my soul sister friends!
I am in love with the simple funny ways my boys make me laugh! I am in love with the beautiful magnificent earth we get to enjoy!
I am in love — with an incredible man who makes my heart smile and that my face seems to follow!
I am in love with the possibilities every new day gives me!

Touched By Love

Today, I discovered a post my twelve year old put on the internet that I never knew about. How does that happen? I am an in touch mom. My boys have very closely monitored electronic lives.

Are You Worthy to Receive?

Are You Worthy to Receive?

How good are you at receiving? It’s an important, reflective question because it is equally tied into your ability to achieve all that you desire…. to receive. Sharing the re-broadcast from my Empower11 radio show for those who want to go deeper into the conversation of...