Take Your Next Best Step

Take Your Next Best Step

Doesn’t matter what problem you face right now. It doesn’t matter how big the mountain you need to climb. It doesn’t matter if it is a small little thing. All your best possibilties will open up to you if you are willing to do the one small act that changes everything, which is to take your next best step!
Want to lose weight? Just take your next best step! Want financial success? Guess what? Take your next best step. Want soulmate love? Walk towards it, take your next best step. Want to get more connected to your dreams? Take your next best step. Get powerful insight to take your next best step with this show

Overcoming Obstacles & Barriers

Obstacles are a part of life, but some are self-induced. How do we overcome them? What skills can we master to empower ourselves. Sometimes obstacles and barriers can result from the best parts of ourselves. Yes, our strengths can turn into weaknesses if we can’t see something for what it really is.   Join the conversation as we explore new angles on overcoming obstacles and barriers. MONDAY MANTRA: I am in the “Serenity of Safety” as I expand into my unknowns. Big or small unknowns… making the phone, meeting the person, waiting for the answer… the many multitudes… unknowns track with life. Let this powerful mantra of protection help you stand strong… Say it 3 times in your mind right now and you will feel a calm grace wash over you… I am in the “Serenity of...

Full Moon ~ Friday the 13th!

Full Moon ~ Friday, June 13, 2014 It’s such a magnificent time to reflect, release and heal. There are superstitions around the concept of the full moon and the 13th of Friday. However, what this time really offers is a window to release, relinquish and transform unwanted karmic patterns, persistent resistance, recurring life themes that have been sticking around that you want to BE GONE! The full moon happens because of alignment (sun+earth+moon) and it signifies our own opportunity to get into alignment with ourselves and the world around us. I highly encourage you to use the power of the “Miraculous Full Moon Ritual” to relinquish any heavy baggage or outdated ways that have been holding back the lighter, brighter YOU! Get lighter and climb higher. Important reminder, we are in a mercury retrograde time period thru July 1st. It’s a timeframe for re-ordering life around us so we can clear our path to manifest faster. May the fullness of you shine on ~ Namaste, Anne P.S. Sharing a very liberating concept that I have come to recognize… Everyone Has Their Limp… understanding when others show up with their limp can free us from the suffering caused by the overcompensating ways of others. Free yourself from unnecessary drama by knowing your truth. Helpful links: Mercury Retrograde - What You Should Know! and Everyone Has Their Limp. Recent Empower11 Radio Show “Creating Space to Heal” The sayings of “time heals all wounds” and “just give them some space” is advice often given. However, we can also change the relationship with time and space to achieve the results we desire. The truth is we...

Everyone Has Their Limp

Everyone Has Their Limp I walk with a limp. It’s an interesting limp, subtle yet evident. Often times people who don’t know me can’t quite pinpoint the cause. The hip? A recent injury? The knee? The ankle? A prothesis? It’s uniquely mine. We all have our limps. It might not show up in our walk that displays our history with our structural bodies. It shows up uniquely to everyone in its combination of circumstances that have formed aspects of how we live, interact and orient in our lives. Every one of us has areas that are strong - abilities, ways, talents or traits that come easily through our own innate gifts or natural survival instincts. Some of these strengths might really be serving us, some of these adapted survival instincts could be costing us. For example, those of us who have developed strong independence for survival might also have trouble being a good receiver. I am a big possibility person. Yes, I believe there are always more possibilities for ourselves available for ourselves than we realize. I think we often discount our own possibilities too quickly, or we give our power away to others and accept their version of possibilities for ourselves. A couple years ago when I got a new prosthetic limb with advanced technology in my foot, I went to the physical therapist to help smooth out my gait (reduce my limp) as much as possible. Three powerful things happened when I took physical therapy. One, I was able to be full weight bearing on my right leg for 2.5 seconds which is something I had not...

Scarcity to Prosperity – Claiming Your Sovereignty!

Scarcity leads to many depleting states of being. These appear as unhappiness, isolation, exhaustion, joylessness , overwhelm, not enough, needing more, stressed, out of balance, enslaved, depressed, irritable, impatient and more. Claim your authority to shift into your natural prosperous state, ask for what you need, become open to receive it and live from the truth of you. Learn how to make a shift in this episode of Empower11 radio.

Serendipity & Miracles

You can tap into your magical flow of serendipity and miracles. When possibility exceeds expected outcomes. When dreams magically intersect and manifest. When the serendipitous nature of life favors unforeseen advantages and surprises. Join the conversation to explore how you can invite more serendipity and miracles into your life.