The exciting times of graduation ~ Congrats Graduates!

Congrats to everyone and anyone who also has graduated themselves to a new chapter in their lives.

Let this times of change embrace the fun of life - dreams - living!

I have two nieces and one nephew graduating high school this year. This past Thursday, here in California, I went to the graduation ceremony of my niece, Jade Stevens. My parents were talking about the differences between last weekend at my nephew’s graduation ceremony in Georgia and this week’s in California.

My Wonderful Niece Jade Stevens

In Georgia, my nephew’s graduation was a more formal, conservative experience in very nice auditorium with a blow horn sounding a couple of times. In California, my niece’s graduation outside with a half dozen beach balls being bounced, at one point a naked blow-up doll was being bounced to the front and at the end when the students started doing the wave, the superintendent and school board joined them! My dad loved seeing how, at the end, the graduates threw their hats in the air just like you see in the movies. My parents comment was the California graduation definitely was more informal and lively.

My Cool Niece Bianca Ribley

The Awesome Palmer Ribley

I say to all the up and coming graduates ~ and each and everyone of us ~ stay on track to go out and live an inspired life in the venue that is fun for your spirit! We all have our own unique equation that equlas joy.

Denzel Washington gave an inspiring commencement speech filled with the informal and formal, with the most important, timeless message for commencement ~

“May we all embrace commencing forward with the life that matches our dreams!”