Today is 311 and the energy is moving. There is a lot of power circulating today. Hold your thoughts, actions, interactions and feelings in the high vibration of LOVE. It is evident with the shifting of the earth and the earthquake that happened in Japan early today. I am sending my love and prayers to all those affected.

It is not a coincidence the iPad2 was released on 311. Apple is full of smart people. The iPad2 was released today because the day holds a lot of power of high impact.

The power of 11 is beyond the symbol of 1 + 1 = 2. The power of 11 is the capacity for one energy plus another energy to come together and exponentially gain powerful momentum of 11.

I am currently working with my love partner, Jack Voorheis on an EMPOWER11 project that is scheduled to launch on 5-11-11.

In the meantime, I am sharing the LOVE SONG by 311 and a personal video clip Jack surprised me with as a keepsake of our first intimate couple vacation together in Dominican Republic. He warms from the inside-out with his LOVE. All my circles of friends and family consistently say how happy my face reflects with Jack in my life. This tells me the truth of what I feel with him is really being reflected from the inside-out.

The words to this song brought me to happy tears when he played the video for me the first time. I remember both my boys looking at me, asking, “Mom, why are you crying?” I told them because I am happy. Crying is good for the soul. It helps us know we have a heart that is alive. I have been through many years where the tears came from sadness. I knew there was a life that I could be living that felt more in alignment with the love feeling in my heart. I found my way. I began living it before my path crossed with Jack and now my journey together with him has only amplified this feeling of love.

I know the depth of what I feel with Jack is because of my life experiences during the times of sad tears helped carve the space deeper in my heart to feel his pure love more completely.

I encourage others to welcome change and the chance to move toward LOVE on all levels in their lives. Stay tuned, I am so excited to share EMPOWER11 with the world.

Love & Smiles - Anne

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