It is the idea of something that can cause so much suffering. It’s the endless chase of trying to capture that idea, and once we get it, the aching feeling of what was missing or needed will have healed or completed itself within us.

Once we move into the experience of what we want, right here and now, the suffering caused from the chase begins to re-orientate into healing of our truth and of ‘what is’ into a healthy perspective. This puts us inside our lives which is our power position to manifest quickly and rapidly from our own personal karmic laws of attraction. The outside chase in even the simplest form (an idea) will never give it’s creative payoff in a lasting way until it is truly integrated as the experience of that idea.

It’s the idea of ‘prefect love’ that causes so much suffering. It’s the idea of this person whom we are either in relationship with or desire to be with that can get us into so much hurt and suffering. Our real experience with chasing an idea is all about the attachment of thoughts of the mind which become futile and worthless in attaining our outer ‘piece’ of the world or inner ‘peace’ within. To truly transform a relationship, either one we are in or desire to be in, a shift toward the heart of who we are as a love experience is the way to find our match.

It’s the idea of being rich that causes more lack and suffering.

It’s the chase.

When we move into the experience of being rich wherever we are and with ‘what is’ with us in the here and now, We begin to embody a rich life.

It’s the idea of having something outside of ourselves to complete or arrive at that invokes the chase which causes the internal madness. When we integrate and embody ourselves into the truth of now and today, we become the living experience in a healthy orientation with what we want to create. Our lives expand more into the living experience of our truest dreams.

I share these words of reflection above from a journal that I wrote in July of 2010 when I was in Maui. The experience of being in such a rich natural setting brought me deeper into the truth inside. I was with one of my best friends and her family on that vacation and I told her (as I was assimilating the truth that my 18 year marriage was ending) that my next relationship would be the deepest, truest experience of love, not the idea of it. I owned it. I knew what that meant, deep inside of me.

At that time, I also was healing my relationship with money as I found myself sorting through the experience of being a single mom with two children and completely on our own on all levels, financially, physically and emotionally, with no sense of security in outside measurable forms.

The shift within me to be in the experience of love and a rich life, transformed miraculously in its manifestations almost immediately. The next 90 days that followed were a miracle. It was during that time in Maui when something shifted profoundly with my working business relationship with Jack Voorheis that something beyond either of us became born. An experience of love, soul to soul opened up between both of us and didn’t matter we were on opposite parts of the country, something real was being experienced. When we were finally able to be together, something very powerful was clearly happening with us in the deepest soulmate level. And is still alive and thriving today in our home that we share together.

The synchronicity lined up for me financially as well within those 90 days. However, I will say that life changed for me in the form of a miracle with love and money. My life has become more and more rich in every area, bank account, travel, adventure, home, love and creative enterprises.

As we start this New Year, reflect on the profound shift of getting more deeply integrated into the experience you wish to live. Throw out the idea of chasing something to do or be.

Be the experience and the experience will be you and yours!