Ever feel like you have been hypnotized into fuzziness?

Then, you engage in an activity that has nothing but monotony to it. In that repetitiveness a new order of awareness can arise. We have all experienced it with simple basic tasks like driving a car over a distance or taking a good long walk. Somehow in these rather basic and boring tasks our life’s perspective can come into sharp view.

These moments of awareness can bring to light some of the levels of ‘settling’ we have complied to in everyday living.

How do we end up with such a compliant life? Is it that we are afraid to let other people down? Yet, in this settling, we are letting ourselves down by compromising the deepest wishes of our heart. The wishes and desires that yearn for the truthfulness of our lives to be expressed through our dreams ~ the type of dream where we experience moments of overwhelming love, peace, happiness and deep contribution. We love to see it in the movies because it helps us remember the real pieces of peace to our heart’s deepest yearning.

How about today, we sharpen the focus for our most impressing dream? And then, we become compliant to that truth!

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