Anne RibleySource, God, the Creator, the Universal Loving Presence is a ‘come closer’ energy. It’s not a push away energy. It’s a sweet whisper, that says and feels like… I am here!

It is a relationship with intimacy. INTO-ME-I-SEE.

We crave intimacy. We yearn for intimacy. First with the Creator, then ourselves, then with our world through relationships, connection and purpose.

When there is an intimacy, communion and connection with our genuinely inspired dreams, we activate powerful energies of desires and intentions to come closer to us.

The big question of the moment is how intimate are you with your dreams, intentions and connections with the energy that speaks — ‘come closer’?

Today there is so much access to stimuli. Notice, the words ‘access to’ stimuli. Access is the key. The outside stimuli is all around and circulating. However, how much access are we choosing for ourselves and what is our intentions with all these abundant energies?

Technology has made it possible to create amazing advancements in our access to connect with the whole world.

How are we using these gifts of advancement…. as a ‘come closer’ energy to our inner dreams? Or a push away?

What are we consuming with all this access? Are we feeding ourselves… more worldly noise and distraction that keeps us pushing dreams away? Chasing unfulfilling lives infused with fear? Or even worse… have we become passively stuck by vicariously living through other people’s lives with all this accessibility — instantly?

What are we accessing right before we go to bed and first thing in the morning? And what are we accessing between the way our day begins and ends? There isn’t a right answer, only truthful enquiry to find our most sacred way to create the intimacy with our dreams.

Or are we using this powerful paradigm in time (in both ways — historically and in our daily allotment of time) to connect more intimately with our inner dreams and desires?

What prayers, wishes and dreams do you desire to come closer to you?

It takes soul stamina to stay inside the real dreams your heart came here to share with the world. It takes the practice of not getting lost in this abundance of noise and distraction that is now so readily available.

Getting intimate with the co-creation process to actualize our dreams lives in the simple world of intention that breathes… come closer!

Wishing you happy intimacy, powerful intentions, full of power and manifesting dreams!

Namaste - Luv&Smiles,


Sharing a popular power-packed episode of the Empower11 Radio Show from earlier this year where we explore the intimate relationship of intention. Some of the material on the show is from the book I am currently writing ~ ’11 Powers to Turn Your Life Up to 11′

“Love Owning Your Intentions!!! You guys rocked it! I lovedddddd it!”
                             -K. Hohn, chiropractor

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