Divine Duo

Anne Ribley & Jack Voorheis
Empower11 Radio Show

Rituals shape our lives. Something deeply spiritual happens with the Holiday Season as we check in to the collective ritual of celebrating. The range of feelings this time of year can evoke inside us is huge ~it may be places of happiness, sadness, stronger connection, isolation, spiritual aliveness, abundance, not enough and possibly everything in between the contrasting points of fullness and emptiness in our lives.

The feedback for ¬†Empower11 Radio Show on “Rituals Shape Our Lives” has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic. The shows seems to have an ongoing residual effect as each of us look at how we can make a better personal alignment with the rituals that are shaping the design of our lives.

As we turn to a New Year, what a relevant topic to explore! Take a closer look at the rituals that are shaping not only who we are, but the life that we are experiencing. I know that when we commit to rituals; habits follow that commitment to supporting the ritual. When we have certain ways, habits or just states of orientation in our lives that we want to shift, enhance or expand, creating a ritual to support that change is a powerful building block to designing our life!

I invite you into the conversation that I am exploring personally as well — the rituals that are shaping our lives!



How to do the “Miraculous Full Moon Ritual”