Today - Inspiration Trails by Anne Ribley The last couple of years I have been in rigorous awareness to specifically observe the projections that I have been sending out to life. I began doing this because I realized what a source of suffering or strain that projections can create with ourselves, in our relationships, with our loved ones and the overall happiness in our lives.

Projections are disguised in expectations, attachments, conditions or a confining life criteria that someone or something has to meet for us to live in our happiness.

Our projections say we need to be in a different place in our life.

Our projections say that someone else should be in a different place in their life.

Our projections stew over how the past should have been different.

Our projections say ‘that person’ needs to be different.

Our projections of the future cause us to lean forward in life.

Our projections of the past cause us to lean back in life.

Projections paralyze the now from being empowered with congruent action as it displaces our power to be projected somewhere out there, backward in time or forward ~ pacing out of the current position of power.

A source of strength comes from standing tall in our spiritual posture of the here and now.  I call this getting inside our own lives.

What’s great about projection awareness? The healing of that energetic pattern happens naturally, you can see it happening almost instantly ~ therefore you naturally promote your own healing.

Try this for liberation:

List all your common projections currently creating suffering with yourself, loved ones, past events or situations, toss them in the fire during the Full Moon Ritual and declare, ‘Be Gone!’ Feels liberating! Ultimately makes room for new manifestations that will make your heart smile!

Your words become your living mantra. Instead of being swept up by the common mindset messages, imagine standing in your own present-time power position with the words you choose to share. Powerful life results emerge. Join the conversation as we explore deeper the words that we speak and think, and how they become our living mantra that shapes our life.