Miraculous Full Moon Ritual April 2015Miraculous Blood/Pink Full Moon

~ Saturday, April 4th, 2015 ~

Transformational Eclipse Energy

Create your Miraculous Full Moon Ritual, and connect to your heart of truth!

The same as new seasons and cycles arrive with special blessings and gifts, the Total Lunar Eclipse Energy of the Pink/Blood Full Moon is a natural phenomenon symbolizing union and connection. 

Even if you don’t physically see the lunar eclipse, you can still access the amazing energy presented with the transformational eclipse. A total lunar eclipse full moon is when the sun + moon + earth pass through a precise alignment of simultaneous sunrises/sunsets globally casting pinkish red tones or a ring around the moon creating the pink/blood full moon.

This powerful synchronizing time represents transformation on matters of connection, relationships and getting to your heart of truth.

Seek Your Heart of Truth.
Heal a Relationship.

What’s pulling for deeper connection in your life?

What is seeking the heart of truth for you to embody more deeply in your life?

What relationship needs healing?

Is it a connection with a specific person, an energy pattern with someone, your worldly relationship with purpose, career, or a job?

Is it a money relationship or your relationship with your body? 

The transformational energy of this lunar eclipse holds potent power to balance and boost your ability to heal all these .

Seek your heart of truth for the healing of a relationship that is now ready for a new beginning cycle.

This weekend, create your ritual with the simple spiritual practice of reflection and release. 

Write it right (antenna to God/Source) create your ritual of release, and surrender all the darker energies and their energetic entanglements that have reached their expiration time. No problem is too big or too small because a new power energy is ready to emerge for you.

Can you feel it?

Seek it!

A powerful emerging cycle is ready to connect to your heart of truth. Allow your transformation to unfold. Be open to the miracle ready to be claimed in your life. 

Shine On ~

April Full Moon Intention with Transformational Eclipse Energy

by Anne Ribley | 14 Minutes