I awaken to the PROSPERITY PROMISE natural to me.

I walk with gratitude for the gifts that are stepping forth.

There is a PROSPERITY PROMISE already residing and ready to guide… within you. It is a natural abundance compass that is personal and perfect for you and your life. It is already imprinted within your spirit.

Since, this Monday Mantra is posting on my birthday. I contemplated a mantra all week that would have the messaging and energy I would want to carry forward for this new year for me. 

The words… Prosperity Promise… kept whispering to me louder and louder for days. I felt a POWER growing with those words being repeated. We all have a PROSPERITY PROMISE within us. We can be led toward our prosperous conditions if we are awake and open to this inherent promise of a thriving life. I truly believe when we align with it, life takes on an ease and flow filled with grace.

For me, today’s mantra symbolizes more than a message for the week. It is a life-long message that I want my entire being to find comfort, renewal, direction, peace and movement with… as I live within the PROSPERITY PROMISE already set forth.

With deep sincere gratitude I want to thank everyone of you, beautiful souls who have graced my path with such support on this inspiration trail of life. 
Warm heartfelt smiles!

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