Miraculous Full Moon Ritual 

January 23-24, 2016

New Year, New Energy

Grab the new energy opening up right now, and let the fullness of your dreams shine on for 2016!

We start the new year with such clarity of how we want to be different and better. If you haven’t felt a super-charging momentum or manifesting change for 2016 yet, no worries. You are not alone and this weekend can be a shifting point as we move through the first full moon of this year and move out of the mercury retrograde period.




Activate more strongly the clarity of your transforming change. Let the certainty in your soul shine. This weekend can bring a release with the resistance that blocks your truest heart’s direction. A lighten up and letting go. Let all old resentments be freed from your energy field. Liberate the light of your soul!

Since we began 2016 with mercury going retrograde, our desired changes may have felt like they have been moving in slow motion. This natural cycle’s purpose is to bring clarity and deeper connection to our decisions, commitments and directions.

Good news! Following the January full moon, mercury retrograde ends and the fresh start of energy to help carry 2016 will usher in opportunities and possibilities. You can make a transforming shift that will sustain you with manifesting momentum as you step in stronger to your clarity for 2016.

Create your Miraculous Full Moon Ritual & Welcome Your 2016 Dreams with the 5 Simple Steps!

Use the natural invitation of the moon’s movement for transformation and change to empower your 2016. You can use these monthly rituals throughout the whole year to bring forth blessings, healing, transformation, and powerful manifestations. It works for any age and any culture — so beautiful!

Synchronize with the movement of your own life.

Inspire the fire of your dreams for 2016!

Miracles are waiting to help carry you this year.

Are you ready?

Let the fullness of your dreams shine on!



Create Your Signature Soul Stamina Plan!


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