new moon june candleNew Moon ~ Friday, June 27, 2014. Time to bring your hopes and dreams to the light! Shine brighter. Write it right.

The Manifesting New Moon Ritual is such a simple practice anyone at any age can use to get into clearer alignment with the possibilities that they want to emerge from them. I love doing this as a family. I have watched my 13 year old son rise in baseball this season using the new moon ritual to set his intentions and prayers for and during the season. He made it to “All Stars”. This was big for him because his competition level increased dramatically this season so he aligned internally first with what he wanted to create. I share his story because all our possibilities of hopes and dreams can manifest for us at any age and any stage of our life!

With coming out of Mercury Retrograde right now which relates to better communication and more truthful order. I highly encourage everyone to pick their manifesting energy word for this new moon cycle. Make your “write it right” list and find the energy word that encircles it. Anchor the energy desiring to emerge from you now.

Write a couple empowering statements on your list such as:
My word of manifesting desire is____.
I am resonating the power of_____.
I am in full reciprocating energy of ____.
I am in rapport with ___.

Light your candle and declare fully “BeCome”.
May the love and light in you shine bright!
Wishing you many manifesting dreams.

P.S. Helpful links: How to do a Manifesting New Moon Ritual
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