Moving From Fear to Trust Today!

Shifting from a “Fear Based Paradigm to a Trust Based Paradigm” liberates. Each step towards our natural trusting state we take the less anxiety, worry, stress and confusion we experience. Trust builds confidence. Powerful life confidence comes to those who walk deeper into their trusting paradigm with life, love, success, purpose and connection. Join the conversation and explore how you can shift today and deepen your...

Serendipity & Miracles

You can tap into your magical flow of serendipity and miracles. When possibility exceeds expected outcomes. When dreams magically intersect and manifest. When the serendipitous nature of life favors unforeseen advantages and surprises. Join the conversation to explore how you can invite more serendipity and miracles into your life.

Creating New Possibilities!

Very Exciting News - We are on iHeart Radio! I have very exciting news, the Empower11 Radio Show is now going on iHeart Radio. It is the second largest internet radio distribution platform after Pandora. Very Global. Big door opening. The amazing irony of the story… I got connected up with Jack several years ago when I was compiling an audition reel for Hay House Radio and needed some technology help. We worked together on a few projects during that time from different parts of the country and began falling in love. (Full love story here.) Fast forward years later, here we are today… now going on iHeart Radio together. It feels quite Divine, like the Universe winking a ‘yes’ at me. I have felt very pulled to do a radio show because the enormous amount of hours I was helped listening to Wayne Dyer’s show on Hay House Radio. It helped me tremendously at a time when I needed clarity, strength, remembrance and encouragement while so much was changing in my life. I had been reading many of the self-improvement/spiritual books and was very much a seeker on a spiritual path but it was the conversations that helped me so much. It was listening to the hours and hours of conversation over time that shifted a better conversation with myself and my world. I wanted to give that same gift to others. I felt it all the way to my core, I was being called to do a radio show. Every radio show I have done to this point, I have always wanted…. that if this is the only time someone...

Creating a Powerful Shift Today

    Need to let go of an old story? Ready to negotiate a powerful life shift, today? Need to add or expand more in your life? Ready to turn your life up to 11? Join the conversation as we share more of our personal stories of break-through moments. Reach for your break-free point today and let the shift sustain a new way for you. Post by Anne Ribley, Writer - Inspiration...

March Moon Ritual

Today is a full moon.

Release. Renew. Thrive.

Delve into the sacred for yourself today.

Find time to “be” in your stillness.

Allow the meditative place for clearing energies and unhooking old patterns. The last new moon, I did a teleseminar and told a miraculous synchronistic story about how my brother used the full/new moon rituals to manifest an incredible new home that matched his dream desires within a one year time frame.