~ Manifesting 
New Moon ~

 April 18th 

Time to bring light to intentions, hopes and dreams.

Bring the light of presence to what you want to intend into your present life! 

Use the power of this weekend to invite the spark of light for the inner alignment of your dreams.

The way chirping birds can tell us a new day has begun, the moon’s movement speaks to us on cycles, balancing alignments, and new beginnings. We can use this boosting time of the new moon to bring light to our intentions, hopes, and dreams that want to emerge and expand.

The April new moon is a powerful time to allow our intentions to spring forth into tangible form. It is a time of new beginnings, new cycles of new growth, and manifestations. 

The Manifesting New Moon Ritual is a simple spiritual monthly practice that can help facilitate miraculous impact and change in our lives. 

It is extremely important to hold sacred time, to disconnect from the digital world, and harness stillness with the soul. Then we allow ourselves to listen and hear the heart’s desires that want to be brought to light.

Take some time this weekend for some sacred stillness and letting your light shine.

Write it right (paper to pen), antenna to God/Source, the Universe, and allow the natural alignment of what is ready to emerge for you to get strongly connected within your life’s presence.

Let your inner courage speak to you of new intentions that want to help carry you forward.

Take the time to let your light shine.
Let your soul speak.
Let your heart be heard.
Feel the miraculous impact ready for you.
Happy manifesting dreams!

APRIL Intention for Manifesting New Moon Ritual

by Anne Ribley | 15 Minutes

LIVE REPLAY Setting Intentions Meditational Moment

by Anne Ribley | 7 MInutes

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